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Daniel Hai
Daniel Hai
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Technology, as mankind is beginning to learn, could be described as a bit of a double-edged sword. There are undeniably many benefits of technology, and yet, at the same time, there are many drawbacks that it is bringing to the world today.

However, without technology, I think that it is safe to say that the world would not be able to function as it does today. I would argue that it is not technology that is to blame for the drawbacks, but rather how mankind uses it carelessly.

The Importance of Technology: Cars in Our World

Although there are a lot of people in the world today that argue against technology and would like to see it abolished, there is no doubt that we, as human beings, could not function the same way that we do today without technology.

We could not enjoy the same standard of living, and we could not enjoy our leisure time nearly as much. Let’s use the car as an example. Almost everyone in North America and Western Europe has a car.

That is because of the unbelievable convenience that they bring to us! With cars, we can traverse the world in a fraction of the time that it takes to walk or even ride a bike (another form of technology!), and this means that people’s lives are made much easier by the car.

As well, people use larger trucks and vehicles to transport goods to other people all throughout the world. There can be no doubt that cars are a perfect example of the importance of technology in our lives today.

Internet Underscores the Importance of Technology

 Now let’s discuss another technology that people often view as a double edged-sword. The internet is one of the most unique, controversial, and ultimately useful inventions ever created by mankind.

It allows us a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, the ability to almost flawlessly contact friends and family from afar, and allows us to save time and money by doing things from our home as opposed to doing things by having to leave, waste gas driving, get to our destination, waits in line for a half an hour, and hopefully get what we are looking for.

The internet fills the gaps of human communication. It allows us to talk to our friends and loved ones if you have to move away for some reason or another. The telephone also does this, but the telephone does not give you a live video stream. Again, the internet could be a synonym for the importance of technology in our world today.

Ultimately, although technology is great for humans as a species, the opponents do have some reason when they say that it is destroying our world. However, technology is just a tool.

It is something to be used. Technology is not good or evil, but the way that humanity uses technology determines whether it is beneficial or not. Sure, cars burn gasoline, but there are safer and healthier methods of auto-locution on their way.

If you use technology right, then technology will always be a benefit to us all, and that just shows the importance of technology.

Technology expands as time goes further. It continues to seek improvement to transform almost everything within our touch as convenient as possible.

Advantages that you could do by the help of Technology:

Store and Share

Employees will never have to spend time looking through papers, records, or details. Studies show that almost 20 percent of the work period is spent on gathering information. This huge increased efficiency costs resources for companies. Technology that simplifies storing and exchange of knowledge are important not just for productivity but for security as well. Outdated technology brings classified details of the company at risk, and sign you right a costly data leak.

Safe Environment

Technologies have brought about the creation of a far more protected modern society. The banking and managing money cycle has become closer to reality and more stable. Nowadays, we can eliminate the danger of taking cash with us in any area of the world by simply using a debit or credit card.

A further great example is the creation of webcams, CCTV, as well as video surveillance and they’ve really raised the worldwide degree of security, sensory information, and interaction.

Global Access To Knowledge

The 21st century became a period of technology and science, the World Wide Web also is known by its acronym “www” has made life better integrated as data is accessible on the internet from all over the world. In the safety of your home, you can download an e-book published in any region of the world or learning structures from teachers or curriculum providers all around the planet. Isn’t it a better world to live in?

Advancements In So Many Fields

In several areas, technology has genuinely led to digitalization and modernization. Whether it’s the medicine sector, or manufacturing, or computing, technology has contributed to a world revolution. Greater farming methods have brought even healthier food. The “layer farming” method takes up far less room and creates more food. Strong livestock quality ensures greater milk and poultry yields. Especially the health industry has gained a lot from the increase in technology.

And incurable conditions such as cancer already have a suitable treatment. There are so many certain fields without the link of technology has the greatest possibility to fail instead of thriving.

Artificial Intelligence

The modern paradigm of artificial intelligence is quickly increasing and gaining prominence. The possible explanation behind it all is that this could carry a whole new phase of reformation. Not any more humans will have to consider, and the chances are how an AI system will worry about how it can be changed. It could give the human century a pause and definitely one of modern technology’s biggest favor on all of us.

Speed, Effectiveness, and Flexibility

The primary objective of any new technologies is to improve processes in the workspace, offering your staff the greatest resource – further time – to focus on specific work. Businesses can better match their rivals by reacting to results, adjusting to changes, and easily make educated choices – emerging technology and analytics offer them the ability to do so.

Let Us Save Time

Ever faced routing issues in an unknown city? It has been a common problem for most of us as we move to a different place. Whether it’s a business trip or a holiday; the latest technology enables you to appreciate your getaways by assisting you to explore anyplace. One may check for a specific location, and even describe its particular route. The program does support itself. It won’t even allow you to miss a singular turn and it even displays you the road traffic on your path these days.

Improved Productivity

Up-to-date technology and industrial equipment discoveries have improved the total production rate of multiples. Whether it’s any manufacturing industry or really any industries in the globe; they’ve all immensely profited from technological advances.

The Market Of Entertainment Has Evolved

The film sector has undergone a transition. Consumers already have an incredible choice of accessible 24/7 videos, series, sports, music as well as other content. The music and film industry have been modernized because musicians are no longer relying on companies to finance and market them because they will do much of that themselves. Owing to streaming rates and contracts, which are much more affordable than purchasing tickets for a live event, it is simpler to offer shows to all.


Now technology could be used to make progress on itself. Science is greatly gaining from the rapid rates that machines may do calculations and address complicated problems that will take humans several lifetimes to respond to.

Health breakthroughs, as well as scientific and observational discoveries, were both produced by technology. This relieves uptime and enables people to take advantage of their freedom.

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Benefits of Advanced Technologies at Work

Technology developments are also working to support the working environment as well as people’s ways of living. Technology investments lead to high employee empowerment, well-being, elevated productivity growth for enterprises which take the lead in implementing it.

Here’s a list of the advantages of workplace technology:

  • Technology facilitates remote working and has been proven to improve efficiency for workers.
  • Working remotely also gives family members and young mothers additional freedom.
  • Communicating with the greatest options, no matter where they are in the world.
  • Internally and externally contact is faster via emails, task management, co-working techniques, and media apps for workplaces.
  • Tends to help save time, similar to duplicated tasks technology
  • Leave room for discussions related to further creativity and development.
  • Power reductions due to the computing technology which handles the repeated tasks.
  • Fewer resources lost as data are held on the internet, which can be quickly scanned.
  • Businesses can operate faster, make quick decisions as well as remain adaptable because of the technology.
  • You can regulate fewer wastes and ideal use of all the other funds.
  • Performance evaluations tracking is made much easier.

What Do I Think

Technology has several roles, and various people say specific items. Could be discovered at each and every doorway of today’s world emerging technologies. Technology allows the planet more effective to operate, from the nearest grocery store to the favorite pizzeria shop. There is no discourse that technology is becoming an important part of our everyday lives to improve.

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