Impact Of Biotechnology On Different Fields

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Biology is the branch of science which deals with the study of living organisms and life. The fusion of technology and biology makes Biotechnology which the emerging field of science. Biotechnology deals with the use of organisms and living systems to make useful products. The rising population and pollution are resulting in the excessive use of natural resources and hence exploiting them. Due to the extreme use, these natural resources are becoming endangered for future purposes. The results can be very harmful. Sometimes the natural tragedies occur and give us wounds for a lifetime.

It seems very strange that our educated society is unaware of the benefits of biotechnology. There should be no doubt in the fact that the existence and survival of coming generations will be reliant on the advancement of this great fusion of technology and biology known as biotechnology.

This field of science is extensively used in science and technology, medicines, agriculture, and engineering. Biotechnology can be the answer to many questions that a man asks while struggling with nature. 

Impact of Biotechnology on Genetic Engineering

The field of genetic engineering is a prime application of this technology in the modern era. In genetic engineering, the use of technology is carried out to culture tissues and cells for the modification in living organisms. Biotechnology plays a very crucial role in agriculture as it can help crop production to double its normal harvest. Sometimes, the crop production can be more than double also. This great field of science has the ability to protect crops from pests and diseases and that too with the very small use of insecticides and chemicals. The power of biotechnology is not confined to increased production of crops and better protection from diseases but also it can convey some genetic qualities to crops that can help them endure continuous climate changes.

It also helps crops in gaining nutritional qualities. So, it is very clear that the importance of biotechnology in agriculture cannot be neglected. With the use of biotechnology, the farmers can lead a healthy lifestyle as there is no need of using many chemicals when using the methods of biotechnology. Less exposure to chemicals means less danger of harmful diseases that can be caused by chemicals.

Impact of Biotechnology on the Medical Sector

The benefits of biotechnology are not limited to genetic engineering only but it also shows its great impact in the medical field. Human therapy, medicines, and pharmaceutical products are included in its technological applications. It helps in producing insulin for diabetes patients. It also helps in producing protein on a large scale which is then used in food supplements.

It would not be wrong if we call biotechnology, bliss in the medical field because it gave rise to gene therapy which is used to cure deadly diseases like cancer and AIDS. Before the advancement of this incredible technology, millions of people died of these painful diseases but thanks to research experts who did some phenomenal research in this field and came up with efficient solutions for these horrible diseases.

Bottom Line

The impact of biotechnology on different fields is showing its importance to mankind. Now, it is very necessary for us to values this grand gift of technology.

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