Importance Of Technology For Visually Impaired People

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Visual Impairment is a termed used for describing the conditions that may affect the clarity of the visual field and its vision. People with visual impairments are greatly helped and supported by the latest technology as they can use various learning tools and stimulations for effective communication. Many standard resources can be accessed by visually impaired people with the help of computer, software, and hardware supports. A word-processed file can be read to a blind person by speech synthesis without translating it into Braille.

Visual medium offered by the computer

Computer displays are more effective and simple as compare to materials that are paper-based. The screen display can also be altered according to specific needs. One can increase or decrease the text size and colors in computers and supernova and lunar software can enhance the screen magnification for the viewers. People who can see only a small portion of a screen at a time can get help from this software.

The events on the screen can also be tracked and alter for the users by computer technology. Bright, moving, and attractive images on the screen can help visually impaired children to utilize their vision in an effective manner.

Computer-aided speech techniques

Text and screen contents can be conveyed to blind and visually impaired people by the speech synthesis used by the computers. People suffering from visual difficulty may get great help from the speech support software associated with the computers. 

Specialized speech reading software attached to screens can help people with severe speech difficulties. Visually impaired kids can interact and explore their surroundings with this software which is an early learning and make use of attractive images along with sound and speech.

The visually impaired can make use of specialized equipment

Special electronic equipment is available along with computers to help visually impaired people. The market has portable Braille computers that are purpose made and many other input and output devices that can be used with the standard computer technology.

Selecting the accurate equipment and software

According to the visual needs of the users, one can get the correct devices and equipment. They can select the technology as per their ability to operate and use it. Organizations like RNIB can guide them in selecting the correct equipment. One can start with readily available equipment like the ones that convert the text size to a word processor. A healthy working environment is crucial so that the impaired can easily communicate all their needs with the instructors.

Visually impaired people must get appropriate light and working conditions so that they can effectively use the vision they have. Learning technology is apt surroundings will enhance their learning. Glare-free lighting should be there to read and the screen should not be kept under direct light.

Bottom Line

Depending upon the individual needs one can select the computers and their software configurations. The impaired must communicate all their needs to someone who is setting up the computer for them. Text size, font, and colors must be set accordingly. Contrast and brightness controls should be done on the monitors.  Some users may prefer an anti-glare screen. The direction of light, the position of the window, and the height of the workplace must be arranged according to the individual needs. The importance of technology is immense for helping the impaired individuals.

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