The Impact of Technology Among Handicapped

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Rachelle Blamor
Rachelle Blamor
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Technology of today affects the lives of disabled people just as it does with those who do not have any handicap, physical or otherwise. People had been too smart to explore new possibilities while at the same time they seek for almost just anything to aid even those who are mentally or physically challenged.

As much as possible, there had been new inventions designed to enable handicapped to do things as if they do not have any health conditions at all. From the hearing aids to walkers, to wheel chairs to artificial arms and legs – all these have been the product of good effects of technology.

There are different ways technology had played a great role in supporting or assisting people with physical or health challenges.

Handicapped Technologies

Here are some ways the handicapped were able to have been helped by technology in one way or another:

Tablets for Speech Impaired

Today’s internet and tablets has been made for other things but this is also utilized to aid speech-handicapped children. This is now the most common and highly suggested tool by language therapists as they attempt to teach speech to children handicapped in speaking.

Smart Phones for Voice Control

Voice control navigations in most smart phones allows typing dictated messages while at the same time it is converted into an understandable information. As a result, dyslexic or people with learning difficulties have something to aid them counter the learning condition.

The Impact of Technology Among the Handicapped

iPads for Autism

Parents of children diagnosed with autism had been starting to become dependent to iPads and mobile gadgets as they attempt to communicate with them. At the same time, therapists use the same tools to inculcate eye contact and slowly learn vocabulary.

Assistive Touch for Deaf and Blind

iPhones and iPads were designed to also assist handicapped children in the sense that the assistive touch technology empowers children with motor control conditions can overcome the challenge by simply tapping and performing different functions they likely find difficult without.

When it used to have been impossible to communicate to physically challenged people other than sign language, the evolution of gadgets and high end technologies has extended the scope of access and chances to become one of those who have complete capacity to do things without any issues.

The above are just some of the benefits technology has generously impacted among those who have been challenged physically. Day over day, the same technology improves, and the progress has been for the better.

Bottom Line

There are proponents who have been pushing inventions of new technologies that are solely design to support disabled people and this generally aims to work for the better. This is the impact of technology to these types of people.

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