Role of Technology in Traffic and Road Safety

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Rachelle Blamor
Rachelle Blamor
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The environment has a lot of dangers, especially when there are vehicles and pedestrians involved. Now, just as technology has ruled the world in as many ways possible, it does not exempt the roads. Vehicles driven too fast have become the causes of accidents and road hazards, considering the number of similar scenarios over time.

Modern technologies have played a great role in these cases where the authorities see to it, utmost safety is maintained and unnecessary casualties are curbed from happening.

Education of the drivers, and the pedestrians, not just in major roads but also in some remote areas is highly important but the advanced inventions specific to traffic has been the most helpful, so far.

Technology Involving Traffic and Safety:

Some other contributors to road accidents are mostly negligence on the part of the drivers. Failure to confirm with the basic driving expectations will surely lead to reduced road safety. Here are some of the technology involving traffic and safety:

iSight – Cycle Safety Sign

High visibility among cyclists is important especially when they are dealing with tricky and dangerous roads. This warning device is actively flashed in advance as a warning to motorists especially in areas where there is a huge presence of cyclists around. This is most commonly found in road bends and narrow roads.

Smart Parking

Ground sensors have been installed infrastructure based so drivers can properly yet effortlessly park their vehicles in available parking spaces having clear visibility and a clear picture of the surrounding location where nearby vehicles are either parked or looking for parking areas just the same. This also deals with routing and enforcement applications.

Role of Technology in Traffic and Road Safety

LED Flashing Lights Warning Systems

In areas where flood happens at unexpected times, a sensor is placed on the road, for drivers to know whenever water has reached it. A signal is sent through via a LED solar powered signage which flashes lights to serve as a warning in case the bridge or the road needs to be avoided due to the increase of water level.

Crosswalk Pad

For the safety of pedestrians, instead of just a typical painted pedestrian lane, this crosswalk pad is designed with flash warnings when a pedestrian is stepping on the crosswalk pad.

This has kept safe students who are the most users of the said lane on their way to and from the school. The flashing signs will technically keep the drivers off so pedestrians can pass through safely.

Bottom Line

People have gone cautious of the dangers brought about by rushing vehicle and negligent drives. So, in order to get away with undesirable fatalities, these traffic technologies were set into place. This, as a result, has made the people to become creative and innovative in their attempt to increase and maximize safety.

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