Arguments Against the Importance of Technology

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Daniel Hai
Daniel Hai
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Why Do Some People Argue against the Importance of Technology?

There can be little doubt that technology has completely and utterly changed and shaped the world that we live in today.

If one of our ancestors, from just one hundred years ago, were brought into our time line to live with us today, they would be amazed and astounded at the leaps that humans have made in just one hundred years! Although technology has changed our world, though, many people argue that it has not been for the better.

Unfortunately, these critics of technology do have a lot of very valid arguments. We are cutting down our beautiful rain forests and other natural areas in order to make furniture and other day to day things. We are polluting our planet almost to the point of making it become inhabitable.

We are also killing off countless species around the world in order to eat things that we really do not need to eat. However, technology should not be to blame for these failures, but rather the way in which humanity has chosen to use technology

How Vehicles Show the Importance of Technology

Let me give you some examples. Opponents claim that cars and trucks are polluting our planet very much, and that it is a huge cause of global warming.

This is true, there can be no doubt, at least about polluting our world (as there is other proof that global warming may be completely natural). However, the cars and trucks are not to blame, but the way that we as humans use them.

We like to feel big and important, and as such, instead of buying a nice, 3 or 4 cylinder engine car (a very small carbon footprint), more and more people are buying huge pick-up trucks and SUV’s that burn double or more gasoline than people actually need to get around!

However, just because technology is abused by some people doesn’t mean that the importance of technology is diminished! Cars are very handy and useful for people today.

How Vehicles Show the Importance of Technology

Industry Has Benefited from the Importance of Technology

Another thing that opponents claim is that companies and industries dump toxic and harmful materials in the waters and other places of nature, ruining them indefinitely. Again, this is, unfortunately, true. However, a factory is only a tool. There are safe and reasonable ways to deal with waste produced in factories; there are always safe ways.

The problem is that factories and industry, and people in general, are led by greed. This means that people do things that they know will harm our world, and don’t care about the consequences, as long as they get to save some extra money by doing it. Again, though, this cannot be blamed on technology. Factories around the world create the very things that we use every single day to better our lives and make them easier.

In short, before those opponents bash against the importance of technology, they need to realize that technology is just like a hammer or a saw! These things can be used for good, or they can be used for bad, but either way, they are just tools.

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