The Importance of Artificial Intelligence

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Rachelle Blamor
Rachelle Blamor
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Ever since before, scientists already want to replicate how humans think and act. They performed several studies and created prototypes that make such idea possible. This led to the creation and development of Artificial Intelligence or AI, which aims to build machines that are smarter than humans.

To be able to understand the importance of artificial intelligence, you should know its potential benefits. Here are some of these benefits.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Space agencies use machines with artificial intelligence in order to explore space. Unlike humans, the bodily composition of machines does not react to the changes in environment. They have the ability endure new surroundings and allow them to continue functioning properly.

Artificial intelligence is in action when you use your smart phones. Mobile phone applications such as those that act as GPS and personal assistants use artificial intelligence.

As a result, they make the lives of the mobile phone users easier. Without it, these applications will not be able to play the functions that they need to perform.

Intelligent machines can also substitute people in performing dangerous acts. Humans have physical limitations. They suffer from injuries and even die in the process of performing a dangerous act.

However, these situations do not affect the machines as much. Artificial intelligence allows them to adjust their respective parameters in order to come up with the best possible solution to perform a hazardous act.

The Importance of Artificial Intelligence

The medical field also sees the importance of artificial intelligence. AI makes it possible to minimize errors, such as in operations, as well as achieve precision, accuracy, and speed. In other fields, they can even withstand time-consuming and repetitive activities without question, unlike people and their human limitations.

The most common application of artificial intelligence is gaming. With AI, especially with video or online games where your opponent is the computer, there is an interaction between you and the machine. AI enables the computer to respond to your actions.

However, with the numerous benefits that people can take advantage of with artificial intelligence, there are also downsides that are still being debated upon by many individuals up to this day. Here are some of these downsides.

Ethics and moral values are two essential concerns that other people have with regards to using artificial intelligence. Intelligence is inherent to humans. Some people think that is unethical and immoral to recreate intelligence.

When humans work, they get better in time because their experiences allow them to do so.

However, with machines, they will always do the same actions that were programmed to them. Since situations change from time to time, machines do not have the capability to respond effectively to such changes.

Machine lack creativity, unlike people. With this, they are inefficient and ineffective when working with an industry that requires creativity. However, in other fields, the use of AI may lead to human unemployment.

Maintenance and repair of these machines will cost a lot of money. The programs that are stored in them need to be regularly updated. This may be time-consuming, as well.

Bottom Line

The benefits that AI is offering to mankind are, indeed, numerous. However, the downsides will also make you think twice about its application. In this case, AI can either help or destroy the human population.

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