Some Pitfalls of Technology

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Rachelle Blamor
Rachelle Blamor
I love writing about technology and how important is it in our life. I am keeping it simple and original . I like eating oat meal while I am writing.

You might have been amazed of the wonders of computers and modern technology. This has been the greatest symbol of modern living, considering today’s generation of mobile gadgets and smart phones.

People who have been involved in the technical environment must have had other jobs but that should these computers have not existed.

People are so engrossed with the fun, entertainment, and easy access they get out of the electronics loaded with games and music or videos to keep them people occupied.

The idea of these technologies to likely have negative effects is overlooked. This is due to the ultimate entertainment gadgets and electronics give to the users.

Some Pitfalls of Technology

Yes, there are several pitfalls present in any form of technology. In fact, there can be a lot. When you fail to moderate your usage of technologies, there is a chance you will soon develop some issues due to excessive use of such. Here can be some of them:

Hearing Problems

If you have notice, people of today, especially the younger generation, tends to get their ears normally backed with earpieces while they listen to music and at the same time doing their errands for the day or simply just walking. Soon, they get to feel deafness and similar hearing problems.

Some Pitfalls of Technology

Mental Slowness

Due to quick access to calculator or having the smart phones and mobile gadgets do even the basic mathematics, people tend to experience lag every time they think or they are mentally calculating things. If this is not apprehended well and as the technology reaches the youngest of the learners, this can cause trouble.

Social Literacy

Given that the social media is one way of getting in touch to virtual friends, the conventional way of getting social turned out to become obsolete. People now communicate without opening their mouths but only with the use of their fingertips and the emoticons present and installed in gadgets.

Time Management

There is this typical action of people who are checking phones from time to time. They are not just getting paranoid of schedule, but they are also compressed with the idea of whoever has sent some SMS or a video call, or who has sent them a message via Chat or Messenger. This concept is now very common.

Psychological Issues

The effect of everything about technology has gone too negative it requires moderation from every user. For minors, guidance would be essential especially if it involved younger household members who are still not understanding the possible risks of dangers technology may bring them.

Bottom Line

Technology and its effects among the public can be exaggerated and it can worsen situations especially if it is not fixed right away.

Problems may arise in some cases where technology happened to be taken out of such as deprivation of getting engage to such activities involving technical scenarios.

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