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Generation X and Y were long gone. Generation Z, where people dwell in life hooked on the internet, smart technologies, and mobile gadgets, is what the world is in as of the moment. Just as fast, career options changed the same way.

While graduates used to have been into manual engineering, health, and educational courses after senior high school, there had been a switch to that track of thinking lately. College finishers are now into the hottest IT and technological careers.

2015 witnessed around 2 million graduates all seeking to land a job. And where else would they look for but the marketplace which offers wider opportunities even if it means they are not going to practice what they have studied for those college years. Nonetheless, here are some of the hottest technology jobs, which drastically stole the limelight off the typical, somewhat dragging, careers:

Web Marketing

Online selling and product advertisements have gone rampant all working for the benefit of online shop owners and business entities. Every business-minded person has taken advantage of social media as part of the telemarketing strategy which eventually magnets customers and clients.

Java Developer

Programming is very much active in the internet industry. Technology made its way through languages that are even unknown to most internet users.

Web developers have managed to come up with such a unique language that runs on every website that online users tend to get their eyes into.

Technical Support

Computer science graduates and IT students no longer wait years to be hired. Jobs of all sorts are most rampant in BPO industries and technical support company, as long as they are well aware of how troubleshooting of cable, phones, and computers are done. Weeks or months of training are in place for these types of jobs.

Data Analyst

Just in case you are into collecting things, data management would be the best technological career for you. Most companies involving the internet would normally need a data analyst to sort, maintain, and manage data.

This is to either ensure organizational security or improve data storage and utility. Thus, this is also one lucrative career lately.

Network Supervisor

An operation engaged in technological industries requires a team leader who looks after the operation. This is when a network supervisor gets in the picture. Network supervisors look over the smooth dealings of technological services serviced mostly by IT graduates and this career has been a good source of income, so far.

Bottom Line

There are other jobs related to today’s technology but above are the hottest to date. In fact, even college entrance courses offered by universities and colleges are mostly leading to such employment roles which simply means there are better opportunities for graduates of information technology and similar lines of career.

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