Importance Of Technology In Electrical Engineering

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Electrical engineering is a technical as well as a challenging field that helps with employment. Career scopes are endless in this domain. Students aim at studying this field and then work in specialized areas like system integration, product design, field support, etc. In order to work in these areas, the engineer needs adequate technological support. Hence the importance of technology in electrical engineering is enormous and supports better performance.

Various Uses Of Electrical Engineering

Today we cannot think of a life bereft of electrical engineering. Automatic control, Power and machinery, Communications, Computers, Electronics demand regular up-gradation and innovation. Regular modification is not possible without apt technological support.

Automatic control system involves anti-lock breaks, cruise control, cruise missile targeting system, autopilots, building elevators, guidance system, robotic affair, etc. With the growing importance of technology in electrical engineering the technical people are developing stunning equipment to make life easier.

The growing demand for the electrical engineers

As technology advances, we cannot think of a life without it. In such a situation the electrical engineers are young and dynamic people who are working with innovative technologies and finding out ways to improve our living standards. The demand for electrical engineers is endless.

They have developed new technological devices like the iPhone and iTouch and are continuously expanding. Thus, to help them work with apt devices the current team needs apt technical support. With the help of the right raw materials, they can develop wonders in the world.

Development by the engineers

The Communication system includes a variety of mobile devices, cell phones, AM, or FM as well as satellite radio for infotainment, television systems,s and computer technology. Not to forget the information technology this is currently ruling the world.  The system is based on software that helps in connecting to any part of the world through communications and electronics. The first-ever communication was a point-to-point communication that took place between mainframe computers and terminals through packet switching.

The very first packet-switched networks were the ARPANET and Mark 1, developed during the 60s using a variety of protocols. The ARPANET specifically led to the development of protocols for creating a network of networks, that is the internet, in which a number of different networks were merged together to form the aforementioned network of networks.

The merits of using the technology

The importance of technology in electrical engineering could be felt largely in the year 1980 when the first Computer Science network meant for extending networks to the computer departments at academic and research institutions was developed. This was followed by the development of the Ethernet, which facilitated usage of Local Area Networks in the year 1981and then a USA university network known as BITNET, which used a leased data circuit to facilitate connectivity.

Bottom Line

In the year 1982 Internet Protocol Suite, also known as, the TCP/IP was developed and the concept of a worldwide network consisting of several interconnected TCP/IP networks was introduced. Later on, a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol was developed which was used to send electronic mails to IP addresses. Then the Domain Name System was created which hierarchically distributed naming system for computers or any resource connected to the internet. The evolution continued and today we have a variety of communication devices, electrical systems,s and the finest technology helping in simplifying our daily tasks.

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