The Role of Technology in Protecting the Environment

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Rachelle Blamor
Rachelle Blamor
I love writing about technology and how important is it in our life. I am keeping it simple and original . I like eating oat meal while I am writing.

The world has become too dependent in today’s technology the people often end up forgetting about the environment.  Countries have been fighting over energy and fossil fuels as one always wants to lead production and distribution.

The society has gone way too careless of the pollution they produce in their endless search for energy and power. Now, while there are unessential effects of technology in the environment, there are as well numerous ways.

As early as today, we have to anticipate the effects of technology to the environment.

Technological Evolution

Too much around us have been going on. Deforestation, resource overuse, climate change, waste energy – these are just some of those common issues humans are either doing or dealing with. To increase survival in this planet, here is some technological evolution which concerns the environment:

The Role of Technology in Protecting the Environment
  • Thermo-depolymerization

This is the process when carbon originated waste such as unused tires, guts from turkey and other fouls are turned into oil after putting enough heat and pressure onto it.

  • Desalination

The process of removing salt and all other harmful minerals off a seawater for it to become useful and potable is called desalination. This is done in areas where there are power supplies.

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell

This is called as the alternative for fossil fuels which are extremely clean and pollution free. This is done when oxygen and hydrogen is converted into water and eventually processed as fuel.

  • Solar Collectors

This is the technological leap where sun’s energy is collected to be converted into a form of electricity or heat. Instead of the usual sources which are thermal or hydrogen, this is an option.

  • Thermal Conversion

The ocean mass is considered the greatest solar collector. The technology which collects the ocean thermal energy is then converted into a great power source.

  • Harness Waves

Waves are also rich in energy. These energies are the ones responsible in running ship turbines. This is the mechanical power converted into a mechanical power source.

  • Roof Gardens

Converting rooftops into a botanical garden is just beside the point. This is basically done as it absorbs heat, so before heat strikes the below facilities, it’s held up and screened by the garden.

  • Bioremediation

This is another example of cleaning up the world around us for safer living. Plants and microbes are made as armies responsible for cleansing any form of contamination.

Bottom Line

Above are just some of the helpful points technology is giving back to the environment. This is the return of what used to be mainly damaging factors. This is how technology plays its role in protecting the environment.

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