The Make or Break of Technology in Marriages

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Daniel Hai
Daniel Hai
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There used to be no issue about technology. There used to be no interruptions among couple when they are on a date or an outing. There used to be plain quality time between lovers without having to check updates in one’s phone or the other.

That was before. All these are no longer possible. Since the likely ratio of smart phones to adults range from either 1:1 or 1:2, it is pretty obvious how technology plays a big role in today’s marriages.

With this advanced science, human marriages, new and old alike now comes with a tagged danger due to technology.

Technology has something to do with the make or break of marriages in today’s generation.

There are several ways to make or break modern marriages. Just as technology has likely played a big role in making the marriage work, it can as well be an engine to break it all off into pieces. Here are a few things on what technology can do with marriages:


Distance used to become a big deal among married couples. When one has to work somewhere far, there is a chance of one missing the other which can eventually lead to infidelity. Today’s technology made distant relationships work through constant communications brought about by mobile phone SMS and inexpensive phone calls.

Listening to your partner speaking is no longer necessary as all things said can now be simply expressed through SMS, video message, or audio message. Constant expression of love to one another is best done with sweet emails, short and caring SMS, smart love quotes, and many other apps present in most smart phones.

The Make or Break of Technology in Marriages


Technology is expected to bring couples together. In cases where one happens to turn off or switch off a device when one attempts to contact the other, this can become an issue of deceit, infidelity, or messing around.

In this case, failure to communicate between both parties can become a lousy reason for a breakup, but it happens.

The most common mistake of married couple is that they do not politely ask their partners at all when they happen to see something nasty. They assume right away, instead of talking things out.

Misinterpretations are usually the most common reason of failed marriages. When technology cannot patch these wrong interpretations, a divorce will likely proceed.

Being married means you are tying yourself with somebody and you’re supposed to be supporting each other through thick and thin.


Technology when used smartly can strengthen relationships, and more often than not, it is supposed to make most marriages work. This is how technology can make or break marriages

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