Importance of Technology in Fishing

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Fishing back in the old days was quite different than how it’s done in the 21st century. Before, almost all fisherman catches fish with the use of their hands, a spear, a net and other old fishing tricks which could take more time catching fishes and may not even give you enough fish to feast for the day.

Luckily, humans continue to grow and improve hence fishing techniques have been develop with the use of high end technology.

Fishing Technology

Now, new fishing gears are being developed and used by men who want to catch big fish fast. Thanks to technology, people are now using fishing rods which provide accurate control of the fishing line and in return helps fishermen catches more fish than usual.

There are different types of fishing rod; some are even robust enough to handle sharks and other strong big fishes.

There are dozens of fishing technologies developed to help fishermen not just catch more fishes but also develop a fishing gear that will have less impact to the environment especially the marine environment. That is why technology is quite important.

Unlike before when few fishermen would use dynamite to catch tons of fishes, now there are equipment’s used for catching a school of fish.

Technology is also used by fishing companies to catch more fish and improve their business. One of the common techniques used by other companies is the trawling.

Importance of Technology in Fishing

Fishing Techniques

This technique is done by scraping the ocean floor with the use of a rigid and very strong metal material and a net that is pulled for how many hours by 2 large fishing vessels in order to catch tons of fishes in different species. Although this is a product of technology, it unfortunately causes extensive damage to the ocean life and ecosystem.

Thanks to technology, ghost fishing is now possible because humans were able to produce an invisible net to catch fish, hence the name ghost fishing.

This is truly great as this high end fishing net is made of polymer fibers that are long lasting and really durable. The only down side of it is, once it gets lost in the ocean, it will continue to catch and probably kills a lot of fishes and microorganisms.

As you can see, technology plays a big part in helping the human race catch fishes in the ocean effectively, efficiently and above all easily.

Bottom Line

Therefore, you can’t deny the fact that technology has contributed and will continue to contribute to the fishing industry of the 21st century. Technology is indeed important, without it fishing might still be the same as the old days and people wouldn’t enjoy as much sea food as they want.

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