Importance of Technology in Fixing Relationships

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There is this question about what technology can do with human relationships. For couples, is this fixing or breaking it? A few decades back, there wasn’t that much of an issue about what is the role of the latest devices and smart gadgets among the existing relationship. There were those times when the only recreation people do is really going out and meeting a circle of friends outdoors. Couples do go through picnics where at least each has the attention of another. There wasn’t any point of interruption when something rings or beeps from pocket mobiles or cellular phones.

For instance, a couple had a quarrel about a call from somebody while they are both in the middle of a supposed to be romantic rendezvous. Chances are one or the other would attempt to mend the staggering relationship.

Here are some other ways technology can fix relationships:


In as simple as making a phone call using a telephone line or a mobile phone, relationships that are at risk of failing will still have chances of being saved.

This is done when one attempts to connect to the other without having to personally say it out.


There comes a time when one doesn’t want to personally listen to the partner who happens to make a mistake for whatever reason. Technology plays a big role as a simple message, audio or video can be sent over to simply speak up on behalf of the personal patch-up.


That feeling of being checked gives the feeling of being important to the other. Checking, in this case, does not necessarily mean having to follow one wherever he or she is. A simple voice message, a quick phone call, or a sweet SMS will do. This is the new concept of checking.


This is the part where you can fix a staggering relationship by simply posting a status in social media where your friends would see. This way, your other half will have the chance to realize how sincere you are when you let everyone in social media see what you mean.


When you are not given the chance to explain during your date, you can simply make a short email, say everything you want to say, and in a single click of a button, your message will be delivered. This way, you will not have the issue of having to face the emotional attack in person.

Bottom Line

In today’s wave of technology, the above has a different meaning. It’s no longer taken literally in terms of the technologically advanced gadgets and smart units. When taken seriously, these technologies can build stronger relationships. That is how important technology is when it comes to fixing relationships.

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