Importance of Technology on Relationships

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Daniel Hai
Daniel Hai
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Advancement of technology has affected lives of every human being today. It assisted in developing the ties that connects each one from another. Moreover, people today are undeniably attached to the society’s innovations because of the convenience it has brought upon everyone.

Nevertheless, technology has a great deal of importance when it comes to human relationships, whether ties from friends, family, or loved ones, it created a bond serving technology as an advantage.


Human relationships are founded and strengthened through communications. On a daily basis, each one person communicates in different ways possible to continue the bonds that has been established.

Friends who usually text other friends to hang out, employees who send emails to clients and bosses for works, parents or relatives who call each other for company, lovers who chat and video call for quality time – these are all based and experienced on today’s technology.

On the other side of communicating personally, technology allowed communication to be done as well virtually.

Spending quality time with friends or loved ones creates bonds and memories that build a relationship. Technology today made it more convenient for everyone to spend recreation times with others.

It allows people to watch together recent movies or series by downloading or streaming on their own gadgets. Movies may be watched together as well in 3D or 4D on movie houses.

Aside from watching movies, spending quality time may be done as well by playing different games using consoles made available to market.

In addition, people may spend time by enjoying food and cuisines together, which by the way are cooked and prepared using advanced tools and kitchen equipment. Technology has innovated a lot today that may be used as recreation tools for everyday.

Importance of Technology on Relationships

More Quality Time

From the innovations done to different appliances and gadgets, daily jobs and chores are easily done by people causing to have more quality time with their peers and families. Chores are easily done because of the features of appliances are aiming for users’ convenience.

Also, jobs may require only a certain amount of time because computers and innovative transportation are an assistance in completing specific tasks. Technology has been useful since then, especially its contribution to society when it comes to convenience, it allows people today to have more time in establishing ties.

Since the booming of technology began, the social networking sites went trending as well. People nowadays use this as a means of communication, cloud storage, journal, and many more.

Often times, social networking allows people to exhibit certain relationships, thus it helps building, restoring, and strengthening of ties.

People could share to the world photos and images with others. Also, one may share daily experiences and thoughts by blogging and journal writing. Technology has allowed these things to advance further and helped build bridges between people.

Bottom Line

Human relationships and ties are one of the most essential things in life. Founding, building, strengthening, and firming certain relationships are truly challenging to do.

Fortunately, technology and its innovations influence a lot of aspects of human relationships. Hence, making it more convenient to people nowadays to exhibit and establish connections with each other.

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