Importance Of Technology In Mind-Reading Computer

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Computers when invented changed the human lifestyle and the entire world.  We can say that everything today depends on the computer. It has become necessary for the existence of human beings on the earth. Thus knowing the importance of a computer and its technology, in human life and getting inspired by psychology and the human interest in machine learning-enabled the technicians develop a mind-reading machine.

The objective of Mind-Reading Computer

A mind-reading machine is a gadget, which enables the computer to read the mind of humans through their facial expressions. The main objective behind this gadget is to increase the effectiveness of human interaction with the computer.

This improves the output and allows running the application without any user’s input or response. This means the computer does not have to wait for input from the user to run the application. However, with this advanced technology, there are some challenges, which may create hurdles for the user.

A prior gesture is being installed in the gadget, which enables it to match the user’s expression and predict the mental state of the person. That is, with the help of a webcam the mind-reading system examines the user’s facial expression and concludes the person’s mental state. It could be angry, agree-disagree, bored, excited, and rational or tangled expression.

Past information on how a specific conceptual situation is conveyed through the facial expression is then combined with the analysis system of the facial expression. The head movement and the facial gesture are analyzed and the model of the user’s perception is represented. With the help of software and their technology, the facial feature is identified and being tracked. The head movement, shape, and color are analyzed indicating then the expression of happiness with a smile on the face. For instance, if there is a smile on the face and you nod your head then it would be an indication of being interested in the activity.

Advantages of mind reading

Similar to the text and command presented by the mouse and keyboard, it is easier to present your state of mind with the help of the Mind reading System. In Addition to it, if this system installed in your cars then driving will be at a lower risk.  

Knowing the mental state while driving will be helpful in controlling your driving speed. Moreover, this system can be effective if used in business like online shopping. This will benefit the company to know the customer’s states of mind while they visit your site. This would help them to keep the track of customer’s likes and dislikes.

Not only this, but the mind-reading computer system can also benefit you to improve your interaction with the other person. This is more beneficial while communicating on social networking sites.  It helps you to know what the other person is thinking while interacting with you.

Bottom Line

Putting it all together, communication has become easier with the help of the computer and technology. Moreover, it is now possible to know the mental state of the person while interacting and this is possible due to technology. Thus, the importance of technology plays a vital role in developing the mind-reading computer system.

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