Role Of Technology In Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery has been used for many years before people were fully aware of it. It is the medical term used especially for the restoration and correction of the different parts of the body. By hearing the term plastic surgery the thing that comes in the mind is cosmetic surgery, but plastic surgery does not only mean cosmetic surgery only it deals with the reconstruction of the impaired part even. Plastic surgery is based on the simple principle of grafting the skin from the recipient to the donor. Plastic surgery has been successfully working on giving the desired shape and look to the body by using the correct suture material and proper planning of incision so that they will meet the natural skin fold. Technology has been the key to the success of plastic surgery as delicate surgery are being performed by technological tools and techniques.

Contribution of technology in plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is closely related to technology for techniques and precision. The new technology has made it less painful, controls unnecessary bleeding, reduces swelling in comparatively less time, and enhances the healing of the wound. It has helped people to overcome the problem associated with their looks and beauty.

Now a day’s most people are looking for computer-assisted cosmetic surgeries to enhance their beauty and boost their morale. Previously getting free from wrinkles and scars from the body was nearly not possible, but now it is possible with the invention of these laser therapy.

New technologies in plastic surgery

Some of the technological contributions are the invention of the electrosurgical device which helps in controlling the bleeding during the incision. And thus reduces the chance of the error. The most important role that plastic surgery plays is it is able to reconstruct the deformed part of the skull with the help of modern technology.

It is because of the development of the technology that it is now possible to make a three-dimensional image of the patient’s skull and view it from any angle so that the surgeon will get the best idea about the deformity. And manipulate the elements in the computer 3-dimensional image until they get the optimal result.

Computer graphic technology is helpful in predicting the changes that may occur post-operation, providing the surgeon the idea about the degrees of correction that may require before the surgery. Among the other technologies helping in plastic surgery is Laser therapy, where the laser beam is used for the removal of unwanted hairs, pigmentation, scars, etc.

Bottom Line

Though plastic surgery has made life beautiful for many it has side effects also as many people do not get the result they had expected before going for the surgery and goes into depression. It may also leave scars and stretch marks on the body which will not go with time. It may also lead to pigmentation, skin necrosis, blood clot, etc.

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