Impact of Technology in Transforming a Society

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Society happens to be dependent on technology just as technology has been in continued reference to the need, and at the same time, the wants of society.  The world is greatly influenced by unending ambitions the people would want to create in as much as entertainment, comfort, and convenience is concerned. Since technology has started to get noticed, it has never stopped and it plays a very important role in the lives of the socially inclined humans.

The impact of technology transforms society in as much as everything in the world now involved it. Every single day, technology seems to be at work still in reference to the need and requirements of humans.

If you would look at it, technology has more positive than negative impact on society no matter how hard proponents of ecology would push that it is the other way around. Here are some impact technology has in terms of transforming society:


People rely almost everything around them in technology. Foods saved in fridges, microwavable fast food, easy to open canned goods, and plastic-stored goods tend to become their closest option in case of hunger. This dependence often leads to laziness, unfortunately.


When you can prepare food without having to use any electricity, people would now prefer automatic cookers.

In exchange for the time consuming, cheap yet healthy way of doing things, technology took over and this seems to turn into too much luxury.


You no longer have to suffer weather changes for as long as you have the capability to pay for what the technology can offer. Being comfortable may come at a price but of course, it took inventors the same cost to produce them from scratch towards your home.


It used to be very difficult to do things and all the other errands back then. Lately, tasks are done simply in ways convenient for users.

The concept of doing things without the hassle of delay, mess, and clumsy runarounds has materialized with the way technology evolved.


The society is fun-loving by nature. Each individual tends to have some favor with the way technology is now serving the people. There is always one thing that would click the taste of anybody and it usually turns out to be related to entertainment.

Bottom Line

Fear about technology ruling the society and misleading them towards the worse in the sense that technological capacity seems to be against the health of the environment is usually raised but nobody can just seem to put a stop on it. This is how technology impacts and transform society from what it used to be.

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