How Technology Affects Time Travel

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There are notions that year over year, time appears to be compressed. The majority feels that the current years always passed by faster than the last. Technological experts and psychologists happened to be considered as one factor in the way people experiencing time. Time travel here does not necessarily mean going back to some years ago like in the past or towards the future. Time travel here literally means the pace of time as years pass by.

When technology has not been that influential to the lives of humans, clock-watching almost does not happen. With today’s technology, it has become common to check the time on smartphones and computers as one checks social media, emails, and other similar forms of communication.

Thus, time appears to move faster back when the world had been busy tilling the soil and doing things manually.

Technology has changed not just the lifestyle of humans, but also the way people look at the time. Time is now psychologically perceived to be moving fast, way faster than the years that passed. Here is how technology affects the pace of time:

Virtual Connection

Staying connected online with friends and the social circle can speed up time. Due to the open-access of people to news and social updates, the eagerness tends to double time without it being noticed. When you are anticipating a movie to be shown or an event to happen, your sense of immediately thinking about it is endless.

Next Stage Mindset

People are trapped in the concept of the next level. Even in games installed on smartphones, these are done progressively so one step-up a level higher than the current stage.

The same goes for time. In fact, you sometimes would cheat on a game by adjusting the time forward and this is making you busy to notice the time.

Future Orientation

As the year starts, people are creating a timeline or goals to reach within the year. The orientation is that in the future something will happen or something will be accomplished. As a result, you get too excited you seem to be pulling the days and weeks until the time you are waiting for will arrive and finally, you can do what you ought to do.

Time Obsession

People’s obsession with time-bound their whole life by doing things immediately in order to start something that has been expected or anticipated for quite some time.

The present is not lived as you are so tied up of thinking what the future would bring you. You get too obsessed with the goals you fail to enjoy the present.

Bottom Line

Humans have become unaware of the way they look at time. Dependence and constant checking of such for any reason possible happened to become a great push towards a specific timeline made in order to achieve something. This is how technology affects the time as it progresses, week over week, year over year.

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