How Technology Aids Hard Core Criminals

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The advent of smartphones, high-end gadgets, computers, and the internet had affected the daily lives of humans, which only not benefit them but also become a source or an accomplice in inflicting harms and crimes of all sorts. Organized criminals tend to take advantage of the technology of the vulnerable point has as they plan and act upon evil deeds which unfortunately succeeds, most of the time. Cybercrime and technologically related crimes done by hardcore criminals become frequent in the daily news, local or international.

This has opened up another gateway for crimes which was never before thought to happen. Although the authorities also turn to similarly advanced technology to counter criminal attaches, it is undeniable that the damage this creates can sometimes be too devastating.

Traditional crimes improved in the sense of technological existence in every scenario. That means, the crimes are somewhat still the same to pre-internet years, yet it has been turned into a sophisticated one with technology. Here are some of them:


Fraud in the form of online auctions, advance payment, and online shopping has been very common lately were hardcore criminals are taking chances on the funds of online shoppers and auctioneers. Some attempts succeed especially for those who are not careful.

Online Virus

Hacking and website attacks had become the online form of burglary and malicious attacks. There also goes denial of purchases or services when it is done through the internet.

Some inflict damage by hacking online websites and absorbing online payments remotely.


Child sex crimes like child pornography had all the more increased when the internet has become easily accessible among people, children, and adults alike. Online sex crimes also randomly increased since almost everyone now has access to social media.

E-Cash Laundering

Money laundering used to be a big deal when done by criminals but today’s technology enables an internet-related cash robbery all at the same time.

Online casinos and live sports betting have become an easy way to those who actually have evil plans in mind.


Stalking and bullying used to be a person to person thing only. Not anymore. The advent of the latest technology-enabled bullying even on the internet in the form of online bashing, scandalous posting, and morally damaging videos shown for public viewing.

Bottom Line

The fact that computers had all the more increased chances of crimes done to the internet users gives technology a negative note. The threat of all these technological advances had been too great it can even hurt or break a high security and well-protected website and eventually hack it. In fact, even government websites encounter the same problems, eventually.

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