The Role of The SIM Card in Mobile Phones

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Phones have now become an integral part of our everyday life. From the Candlestick to the Rotary to the Push Button telephones, they have indeed changed dramatically over the years. Now, we are enjoying the power of the mobile phone.

It has also changed the face since then. But have you ever wondered how these mobile phones work? Here’s one component that makes it functional for us to use everyday.

What is a SIM?

The Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) is a tiny, portable memory card that stores data for GSM cellular telephone users.

It usually contains information about the cell phone user like their personal number, address book, text messages, photos, and more.

Activation of the SIM

Since every SIM card is tied to a specific carrier, it can only be activated when you subscribe to their service plans. As soon as you tie yourself up with a cell phone service provider, the SIM will be automatically activated by them.

Benefits of the SIM

If you are planning to buy another phone, the SIM card can easily be removed and placed on the new compatible phone. It will work the way it used to in your old phone. You will have the same number, address book, and other important personal information.

Also, if you are running out of batteries and you need to make an important call, you can borrow a friend’s phone and exchange their SIM card with yours. It’s no problem since you can safely return it back once you have finished with their phone. It is very convenient since you do not have to use all of your friend’s call or text credits even during emergencies.

Another benefit of using a SIM card is when you travel internationally. Since roaming fees can be pretty expensive, you can simply buy from a local SIM carrier and use it instead to avoid those extra expenses.

Disadvantages of the SIM

Carriers lock their phones all the time. So, if you put a SIM card in another carrier’s phone, an error would occur. Although there are also some carrier phones that can be unlocked after a period of time or if you pay the full price of your subscription.

Prepaid SIMS

The Prepaid SIM is also available if you do not want to subscribe to a cell phone service provider. It can be used with a phone locked into a pre-paid service provider or an unlocked phone without a contract.

This is less expensive than getting a subscription because you only need to buy prepaid credits when you need to. This is also useful for those traveling internationally. They can just buy a local SIM while using their own phones, without paying extra for roaming charges that are usually charged by the carrier network abroad.

Bottom Line

The SIM, however small, has so much importance. A mobile phone, simply can’t work properly without it. So, let us appreciate even the littlest of things, sometimes they hold more power than the big ones combined.

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