The Role of Teachers in Technology Use

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In this fast-paced world, one thing is for sure: technology surely changed society in a massive way possible. In fact, businesses and households are slowly adapting to the importance of technology in order to make lives easier. However, there is one aspect of society that slowly embraces the need for technology – schools.

Nowadays, it is impossible to find a school without a single computer unit. Technology has helped a lot not only in making teaching easier but also in allowing students to become more independent. Does this mean teachers these days are useless?

Of course not.

Take a look at the role of teachers in technology and find out why they still have an indispensable role in society.

Back in the day, teachers stand in front of the classroom, with chalk on her hand, and teach students various concepts every day. Today, things are different. Many schools are equipped with appropriate gadgets to make learning easier. In this case, teachers should be –

A Role Model For Students

Just because there are apps and software that make learning faster and easier, it doesn’t mean teachers are left behind. Teachers are equipped with the necessary knowledge, which students need to fully understand a concept.

At the same time, teachers are the authorities in any school setting. This means students need someone to look up to, someone they can collaborate and share ideas with, and someone they can learn from.

A Tech Support

Everybody needs help. Despite the benefits of incorporating technology in a classroom setting, that doesn’t mean everything will run smoothly. There will come a time when a student will experience difficulties in understanding how the software works and the teacher should be there to lend a helping hand.

Hence, it is important that educators should constantly improve themselves not just in the academic field but also in terms of technology use.

A Cheerleader

Aside from imparting knowledge of students, one of the important roles of a teacher is to be every student’s cheerleader. Yes, there is a need to teach a concept and make sure every student understands it. However, the teacher’s role doesn’t end there. They need to awaken every child’s desire and motivate and encourage each of them to learn more.

Motivation and competence are related to each other. This means that the more a teacher motivates a student, the more he or she will become more competent in this evolving world.

Bottom Line

Many people think that the role of the teacher will become superfluous. Apparently not. Whatever happens, teachers are still needed to make sure that every student is prepared later on in life.

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