The Impact of Technology in Auto Industry

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Rachelle Blamor
Rachelle Blamor
I love writing about technology and how important is it in our life. I am keeping it simple and original . I like eating oat meal while I am writing.

Auto industry has been on the road for quite some time now. The automobile business has become a foundation of the world economy. It has now the main source of industrial growth and it has maintained its stability for the last decades and counting.

As a result, technological advancement brought about by the latest technological inventions were developed and designed in order to further develop the similar circle.

For highly developed countries, the evolution of auto industry is going nowhere but towards maximum sophistication and high-end routine.

The volumes of cars made year over year are ballooning up at which market value and monetary equivalent has been going on with the flow.

The contribution of car industry to the total world economy is pretty obvious regardless of the price tags these same cars are made with.

Pronounced brands have been competing with each other in order to create the best and the latest in the business. Here are some impacts of technology affecting the auto industry:

Driver-less Cars

Google managed to introduce this very first functional car without a driver within.

This has been tested on public roads and this is designed with similar elements essential for a typical functional car while it drives itself via sensors and computers.

The Impact of Technology in Auto Industry

V2V Communications

Safety is indeed of great importance and this is what this evolution of technology specific to automobiles in this case.

Cars with these are designed to automatically adjust itself in order to avoid crashes and unnecessary road accidents.

Pre-collision Concept

Another technological leap with concern on the total safety for drivers is the pre-collision idea. This is furthermore solidifying the concept of lessening road accidents onwards.

The same technology reminds the driver in case the drivers attention is anywhere but the road ahead.

Smart Cars

Just as there are Android phones, there are also Android cars. These smart cars idea are actually prototypes of smart phones, of course with specifics to driving and the road.

This comes with GPS, maps, music, weather forecasts and loads of technical applications.

Start-Stop Innovation

Automatic engine shut down and simple clutch press is what this innovation is most famous for.

Quick starting and similarly auto-stopping is a great concept especially when you are driving in a highly congested area.

Bottom line

The total effect of such innovations toward the people has been at a positive note. As transportation starts to become a common necessity in every country, the demand for automobiles has increased just as much.

The idea is to get the business on the move while at the same time maintaining the increasing trend of the economic zone specific to this. Here is how technology impacted the auto industry.

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