Importance Of Technology In Intelligent Transport System

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One of the major problems that the cities in our world are facing is traffic congestion. This problem mostly leads to chaotic situations, and sometimes affects the whole dynamism of a city. As more and more vehicles are being added to the city vehicle population in the major cities, this problem will increase in its intensity in the future.

As a solution to this problem, an international program is being implemented which is known as the Intelligent Traffic System or the Intelligent Transportation System.

This system uses Information technology and other communication technologies. ITS can greatly improve the efficient working of a traffic system. This will be used for purposes like effective traffic control and for toll collection.

ITS can be installed in the traffic system on roads, which will act as a technological database on various real-time traffic issues and its solutions. The communication systems of this ITS is through various mediums like wireless and wireline. ITS technology can be incorporated into vehicle consoles and into the transportation infrastructure. Traffic Data can be acquired using this system and can be used by the professionals to cater to any situation which may arise later.

ITS has proven to be very successful in many countries. It has helped to reduce the incident response time, vehicle delays, and rate of emission by a considerable rate.

ITS Benefits:

  • Delay and congestion during peak hours are reduced.
  • Personal security and safety is increased
  • Efficient operation and time-saving
  • Fuel usage and emission rates are reduced.
  • More efficient customer service
  • Road accidents will be reduced
  • Economic advantages

Types of ITS:

Advanced public transport system (APTS):

This technology is used on the public transport systems and is very useful for an efficient public transport infrastructure facility. This can increase the number of people who use public transport systems and their convenience. There are three types of APTS technology, which are available for choosing by the public transport authorities. They are fleet management systems, traveler information systems, and electronic payment systems.

Advanced Traveler Information System: (ATIS)

ATIS technology is a very helpful one for travelers. It provides travelers with the data like travel routes, alternate routes, transit timings and types, etc.

Travelers can choose their destinations from the maps and guides available in this system which even has historical data. It also provides the fare for transportation and the time consumption to different locations around.

Advanced Traffic Management System: (ATMS)

ATMS technology presents us with the most efficient traffic management service which incorporates different methods and devices for controlling the flow of traffic and the various road situations. It also helps to reduce travel time for commuters. It’s very effective situation management properties results in less fuel consumption and more effective utilization of both major and minor road systems.

Bottom Line

These systems are completely based on various technologies and the importance of technology in traffic control is clearly evident here. This definitely helps for a hassle-free transportation process in the places in which it is installed.

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