Technology and the Catwalk

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The fashion industry, along with the catwalk and everything about fashion has taken the spotlight ever since electronics have become a part of human daily accessory. The forecast is that pretty soon, the same gadgets will become a part of the clothing worn by people, literally. The latest fashion includes a combination of interesting wireless technologies and wonderful designs.

Unlike the other worries of fashion designers on the sidelines about requiring price and heavy garments in order to create fashionable goods with the use of electronics all at the same time.

The imagination of fashion geniuses and electronic geeks has been compounded and has been made into something that becomes a part of the daily need of humans.

In case you haven’t noticed, the computer has evolved from something too bulky into something that is extremely lightweight and portable to the extent that people, children inclusive see to it they have their tiny computers with them whenever they are out and about, or even just when they’re doing nothing. This comes in the form of smartphones and mobile gadgets. Here are some technologically advanced catwalk fashions worn by people of today’s generation:

LED Dresses

This is the time when there is no need for you to forget your gadget once in a while as some dresses, especially those worn by celebrities, have LED lights changing colors as programmed by scientific and electronic nerds.

Smart Watch

You must be someone worried about the weather or the temperature, or you must be someone who is basically athletic and would want to monitor your physical activity.

In exchange for your boring time telling arm accessory, here goes your smartwatch to do some other stuff.

Health Care Device

Tracking your vital figures such as your heartbeat, pulse rate, BMI, and just anything that requires monitoring is now best done with a wearable health care device attached to either your upper arm or leg just so it captures your signs.

Gesture Control Entertainment

In case you are interested in the electrical activity your muscles are behaving, you can live by a hand gesture or map gesture device to get you the gesture-based functions to get you instant fun and entertainment in the form of games or music.

Bottom Line

Hot new products introduced in the catwalk worn by models have encouraged the fashion sense of the shopping public which eventually increases the demand for such wearable technologies. It will all start in the catwalk but a few hours after fashion models ramp the stage and the fashion news is out, the same items will be sold out and the fashion designer will then create another fashion concept made out of technology so as to further the trend.

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