Importance of Technology in Woodworking

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While technology has reached almost every aspect of life, it has not exempted woodworking. A woodworker has always been grateful for the available woodworking technology, which not only has made their jobs easier but also had the tasks done faster and without delay.

Hand tools and power tools alike are made to be comprehensive and easy to manipulate so all sorts of woodwork would not require too much time to finish.

The art of creating better woodworking outputs has been all the more become demanding as people tend to become more appreciative of the beauty of arts and designs applied to wood.

You might not notice it that much, but basic woodworking tools such as your hammer and saw have become a very important component of every shop and woodworking outlet. Here are some of the basic woodworking technology you must have known pretty well:

Tape Measure

When a ruler can deal with smaller measurements and get it all accurate, for longer measuring requirements, a tape measure is perfect. It is usually retractable for easy keeping and storage. This technology spanned the test of time among the journeys of carpenters and house makers.

Utility Knife

Usually comes with disposable blades, the utility knife is a woodworker’s best friend.

The blade is as well retractable to ensure the safety of the woodworker. This is basically small which can fit even in the carpenter’s pocket, for ease of access and faster mobility.

Moisture Meter

The quality of the wood is measured according to the moisture tendency. Moisture is then measured with a moisture meter. This will tell the woodworker when lumbers or similar hardwood is ready for use after the moisture has been tested.


The typical carvers, chisels may vary in type and kind, but this is usually the tool that makes the corners and edges have a better and more refined look which knives and saws will be unable to do so. It is always difficult to cut edges and corners without a chisel.


There are different types of screwdriver and it appears each of it will be essential in every woodworking project.

A good set of screwdrivers will make the life of the woodworker easy and just without a fuss. It can be a Phillips screw, a slotted screw, or a long nose.

Bottom Line

Each of the above is almost familiar even to the common household. In fact, these may not sound technology at all, but indeed, they are. There are a lot of others which can range from the smallest to the biggest, from the lightest to the heaviest, and from the most affordable to the most costly. The list can be longer but above are the most common among others.

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