Importance of Technology Among the Elderly

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Considering the generation where technology is almost at its peak, the elderly are those that seem to get the last dose of it. Compared to the younger group of people in today’s world, you would expect the seniors to be not that interested in whatever way these youngsters do their entertainment. For those who already fall in the “senior” status, coping with technology is somewhat difficult as it seems to be obsolete on their end to belong in such a virtual society. However, technology is as well important to the elderly, more than it is among the young ones.

Technology boomed in such a way that the elderly had a hard time coping up. It continued to grow and metastasized to the extent that it is almost endless and unstoppable.


Imagine the trodden pride of an older man working in the same technologically-involved company earning lesser pay compared to a younger newbie. Tenure here is not that much of an issue. The bottom line is that younger employees who happened to know well the technical runarounds in business can have a better income than an old man who is not technically adept.


Online shopping will greatly benefit the senior generation. Instead of them driving down and roving the grocery or department stores to find what they need, they can stay home, get off the busy traffic and crowded streets, and still do their shopping.

As long as an elderly know how to maneuver a smartphone, online shopping is good to go.


There may be news of elderly playing hard-core video games which clicked among the youngsters but there really are not that much. Either they find it too troublesome and violent or they no longer have the patience to stay seated for hours in front of a tube playing until they realize they did it that far. This is why technological entertainment is also important to them.


Most elderly business owners find the internet and other online shops a direct competitor. And these are smart competitors, unfortunately.

It is very important among old business owners to know how they virtually run the business offsite. In today’s manner of marketing, it is likely they are out of business right before their eye and an online shop owner takes over.

Bottom Line

Regardless of age, too many seniors are still interested in learning the ways of technology, not just to be “in” but also to benefit from it the way the younger generation does. Just as there a number of tools and gadgets available for this goal to be achieved, it is inevitable for the oldies to be bored of it and finally give up.

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