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Considering the way technology and electronics is making its way fast out of nowhere, future prediction about how it would look like in the future came about. At some point, it can be scary, while most of the time, it appears exciting. The future of science and electronic inventions will likely be all about in replacement or enhancement of existing activities. In reference to the science fiction movies, those that used to be futuristic years ago have actually come into existence. Therefore, it is possible that whatever appears futuristic today would soon turn out to become a reality.

Looking at the imagination of geniuses and scientists take into form and become usable, it is not impossible for these future innovations to actually see the world for humankind to witness. And hopefully, this will happen very soon. Here are some of those predictions:

Zero Intelligence

If you have noticed, storage chips have gone from tiny, tinier, down to the tiniest. It is possible that a few years after, there would be a storage chip that cannot be seen by the naked eye yet it holds numerous information and intelligence.

From an extremely minuscule data chip, you can foretell something that is possibly close to nothing.

Space Elevator

While there had been spaceships, unmanned or driven alike sent out in the space, the moon, and even the other planets, there is a chance a space elevator will soon be made so astronauts and space travelers can simply take a lift from earth towards space. It may not look like a typical elevator but the concept can be similar.

Mind Readers

Seeing the way the human mind, expressions, and emotions are interpreted by machines, we are looking into mind-reading machines to likely do the job of literally reading the minds of the people.

Hopefully, this will be used for the better and not for something harmful. Crime prevention would best be dealt with in case this comes into form.

Gene Therapy

In terms of health and medicine, the body parts used to have been treated to cure diseases and medical conditions have gone smaller and smaller, plus it has reached farther and farther.

When surgeons used to only treat muscles and tissues, genes can now even be manipulated. So you can almost tell what will happen a few years from now.

Bottom Line

Technology is unstoppable. Its pace is taking the high road and what it can do seems inconceivable to the normal human mind but ambitious and high thinking scientists and inventors never cease planning. Since they have the resources to perform their experiments and studies, they can almost do whatever they want to do, to the extent that they are willing to spend as much as they can, thinking the results would get them something of greater value in return.

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