Controversial Technologies That Were Never Published

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Human intelligence has crossed all borders. Impossible was made possible, magical was made into something real. And along with millions of discoveries and technological inventions came the controversies which may have reached the ears of many, but never really were published in big prints.

There have been too many noted for its almost high-end capability but these were either held off due to the possibility of being used for mass damage or it can have a great impact on the public or anybody in particular. Technologies are anyway exposed to human use in as much as it is developed for a specific use.

At some point in time, these controversial technologies may appear rough so some of them are refined and redesigned sculpting every detail of it to be acceptable to the authorities and eventually tagged as safe for use.

Here are some controversial technologies that used to have been unpublished yet some of its similar make are now out in the market:

Biometric ID

Used to have been just an idea for the protection homelands, this technology had evolved in huge businesses where it identifies access to employees in corporations while at the same it regulates ins and outs inside a facility, both public and private.

Artificial Intelligence

An extremely large amount of data can impossibly be processed by a typical human mind.

This is why mimicry of a human data processor is made into something that can handle loads of information, yet it looks as if it is produced by an actual human mind.

Chemical Detector

Fatalities and accident hazards are best apprehended by chemical detectors. This used to have been a not so famous tool yet it has made its way to the technological market until it becomes a common facility in private establishments.

Facial Recognition Tool

This may sound impossible and development of this happens to have raised issues with concerned citizens for fear of invading the privacy of anybody in particular.

After a few attempts, a facial recognition system has been used in order to identify faces even in a crowded place.

Fingerprint Scanner

When everything is almost digitized, this has been the most controversial until it becomes the most commonly used technology. This is in fact used both for terrorism and anti-terrorism all for the sake of keeping everything on track along with the computer.

Bottom Line

The above technologies have gone controversial and used to be unpublished for the same reasons nuclear weapons are a very dreaded scenario. However, when polished and refined a little, the change happened and it becomes acceptable to people. The idea is that any technology that looks or sounds controversial as of today happens to be accepted a little later after it is refined and proven to be good for public use.

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