Great Non-Gadget Inventions of Technology

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Your concept of technology, considering today’s highly technical generation, must be limited to the electronic gadget kids and adults tag along with them wherever they are. That might be true at some point but it’s time to remind you that prior to the internet generation, there had been smart inventions which were all of the great benefit among IT professionals and technicians. In fact, people who are into smartphones and computers require these technologies just the same. These technologies came up to the description of making life easy in terms of machine, craft, or knowledge tool. These advances in science have been the reason why everything in life has been comfortable and convenient.

Some of these inventions do not necessarily require electricity in order to run. The bottom line is that these tools will definitely make life easy. Here is a shortlist of great non-gadget technological inventions you must have seen by now yet you have not known much about just yet:

LED Flashlight

If you have noticed, computer setups come with loads of wires which are normally kept someplace at the back or below a table. When something hinders a computer from working, a flashlight, specifically an LED will be needed in order to see the problem.

Flash Drive

How can someone bring almost all the important files saved in a computer with them wherever they go? T

hat person will need a flash drive, as small as possible, so whatever stored in the computer system can be saved in the same device.

Digital Multimeter

As the name suggests, this digital power is used by electrical engineers, computer engineers, and telecommunications technicians so they can measure electronic behaviors such as the voltage, current, and frequency.


You must have wondered what it is that keeps all the wires in place as technicians normally put them all together with ease. This is called a crimper.

As the name suggests, this is specific for wiring Ethernet cables.

Screw Drivers

Imagine a technical job done without a screwdriver. This tool is the most important for every technical task to be accomplished. Electricians, technicians, and computer operators will not survive in their field, without it.

Gerber Gear

Ask about a multipurpose tool anybody would require when it comes to cutting wires – small wires and huge wires alike. You will surely get Gerber Gear for an answer.

IT professionals just love this technical miracle.

Bottom Line

Ask any IT professional about these things and ask further how important these are to them. These are very important to hardware and software geeks as these are their limbs in terms of fixing wires and saving stuff the way technically inclined people do. The idea is to get everything in shape so seamless operation involving technologies will be in place.

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