Importance of Technology in Modern Invention

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When invention used to be a wild shot in the moon, modern technology had made it a day to day basis. Inventors now range from young to old age, varied gender, and it is now nurtured and encouraged in schools. Inventors are no longer hidden in lab and basements. When inventors before are born genius, they are now made in as early as preschools. Whatever is appearing natural today used to be ever high technology back then. Technology has made everything possible in today’s smooth way of living. And this only shows how important technology is in the modern invention.

You may not be aware of it as it becomes a part of our way of life, but new technologies of today were the results of the recent modern invention. From the diagram to the auto drawing of these innovations, these are all concrete proofs that technology plays a big role in modern inventions. Here is some other day to day proofs of modern inventions in technology:

Credit Card

Cash is no longer that much of a necessity. Shops and stores now offer credit card payment as an option.

ATM line up side stalls of shopping malls in case one department, which is very rare, would still prefer the old school method of payment – cash basis.


In case you have missed this, look around you in a public place and see how almost everyone’s ears have headsets and earphones while listening to their private library of music stored in a very minute and extra portable lightweight iPod.


The worry of the parents in terms of tracking their school children and kids of their sight had been swept off when Global Positioning System was invented.

With this, you can now see the location of anybody you want to track or follow as long as you have this installed.

Digital Camera

The social lives of people have grown at par with the advent of modern technology. Everybody now wants to capture almost every moment in their lives. The hassle brought about by negative-positive picture printing was replaced by digital cameras.


Surveys had it that in every household, the ratio of smartphones is at least 1:1 or 1:2. Meaning, at least 1 person owns 1 or 2 smartphones.

This has opened a gateway to almost instant communication and all-around gadget.

Bottom Line

Above are just very few of thousands of today’s inventions. They are now everywhere. Every person, even those that are in grade school have at least one or two of the above. People had been too socially involved they tend to engage themselves in the luxury of the above technological advancements.

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