Importance of Satellites in Our Society

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Rachelle Blamor
Rachelle Blamor
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Satellites are objects in space orbiting around a much bigger object. An example of a satellite that naturally exist in the physical world is the moon.

There are also man-made satellites that are put into orbit. Without realizing it, people have been able to take advantage of these satellites to make lives easier. Through the satellites, the world is a safer and more convenient place. Here are some of the important things that satellites can do.


Through the man-made satellites orbiting the home, television signals are directly received at home. The satellites are considered to be the backbone of network and cable television.

The satellites relay the signals between the central station and its smaller stations to generate the appropriate programming every home should receive.

The smaller stations then send the signals through cables or airwaves to the televisions at home.

GPS has become an essential tool not only for the government but for the common citizens as well. Many rely on this satellite-based navigation system as this enables anyone to determine locations.

For the common citizens, the GPS can be used to determine another person’s location, to act as a map during travels, or to help with navigation especially when driving a car. On the other hand, the government takes advantage of the GPS to help with military affairs, especially with navigating on air, sea, and land.

Importance of Satellites in Our Society

Weather & Telephones

The meteorologists take advantage of the satellites as well to be able to accurately see weather even on a global scale. It is through the satellites that they become up-to-date about the effects of natural phenomena such as volcanic eruptions and even climate change.

It is easier to track the damages caused by burning oil and gas fields with the help of a satellite too. Lastly, it makes it easier for meteorologist to follow the development of large natural systems such as El Niño and hurricanes.

Phone lines have already become an essential part of people’s lives. Common citizens use it to communicate with their friends, loved ones, and even business partners.

For the government, it is essential to easily communicate with important departments when there is a big decision that must be made.

Numerous earth observation satellites have already been deployed in space. These earth observation satellites are what monitors wind and ocean currents.

It also helps with determining how far have a forest fire, airborne pollution, or oil spill have spread. It is through the information disseminated by these earth observation satellites that appropriate emergency and environmental cleanup response can be drafted and carried out.

The said satellites are also very useful when it comes to search and rescue.

Thanks to the Space Age, scientists now have access to information accessible only from space. With the use of satellite telescopes, natural phenomena such as black holes, pulsars, and solar flares are easier to understand.

It is also through the satellites that these scientists are able to calculate just how old the universe is.

Bottom Line

The satellites are very important tools. It doesn’t matter if one is a great scientist with an IQ of 160, the president of the United States, or just a common citizen living the good live in the streets of Manhattan. You need satellites as a solution for a safe and sustainable future.

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