Top 5 Craziest Technology of the Decade

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Any invention which appears amazing or extra different from the ordinary can sometimes be tagged as crazy technology. With today’s generation, a lot of surprising things have happened.

A series of high-end technology that you must have never imagined years before has evolved and humans are generally embracing these technologies with much gusto.

For instance, kids are even adaptive to every new device and gadgets their parents can afford for them and they are more than glad to experience all these, all for the sake of an easy life and entertainment.

Scientists and inventors are out to discover and create far more hassle-free and less complicated lifesavers ahead, although these seem to actually eat up more time rather than give them quality ones. Here are the top 5 considered craziest technology of the decade, so far:

1. Android Clone

Who would you call a sane man, which recreates an exact replica of himself and eventually have it do as if he’s the actual person? It would still be a robot, no matter how hard people would dare recreate and improve everything about him.

2. Computer Brains

The human head happens to be as sensitive as the heart as a very slight error in physically dealing with it can result in terminal disability.

The latest wave of inventions detailing brain installed chips in order for one to manipulate scenarios is something that would really sound crazy.

3. Prosthetics and Bionic Limbs

Positively looking at the good things these things can give humans, it is quite a smart technology knowing a physically unable person can now have the chance to do exactly as the physically complete human being. This is something people world gives credit to technology with.

4. Optogenetics

Interpreting and manipulating things according to what is seen and processed by the brain depends on what has happened is a very smart idea to the extent that it really looks crazy.

Having this kind of invention is indeed a leap of a lifetime.

5. Invisible Computers

When you have seen the smallest of computers, how would you think of a chip that you cannot see using only your naked eye? Yes, it sounds extremely crazy, but these inventions are now in the making. This is one great invention that is both beneficial and harmful to humans.

Bottom Line

The idea is that to give anyone the idea as to how crazy the technology of today has become. Of course, this either works on the positive or the negative side of living, but most of it is indeed beneficial as a whole. As the world quickly progresses towards a modernized environment, it has become the way of life where people would be frustrated if these will be taken away from them.

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