The Role of Technology in Various Drug Testing

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As the world progresses to a far more modern stage, substance abuse and drug-related crimes are as well ballooning. As a result, the authorities assigned to be specific to drug enforcement and prevention of drug-related crimes came up with a smart idea of improving their drug detection facilities and drug testing laboratories just as much, thanks to the gift of advanced technology. While there are varied ways drug dealers and users normally turn to when they are faced with the dilemma of passing some frisking.

From the typical blood test, urine test, saliva mouth swab test, and hair follicle tests, there comes another wave of possible scenarios where drug traces can be marked and detected and this has been brought about by the recent technology.

Intelligent Fingerprinting

Every time someone sweats and leaves their marks off any solid materials, it can be tested for whatever chemical is present on it. Drugs inhaled, injected, or eaten can all be detected as the same traces goes with the excretions human produces. This way, there is no time for anybody to prepare and eventually come out negative.

Oxtox Technology

This is basically the most exact clone of the Saliva Drug Test where around 200 microlitres of the specimen are collected and placed on the reader. The screen will then print different sensors to show whatever substances are present in such specimens. This is the latest technology in drug testing involving narcotics and substances which are normally abused.

eScreen Drug Testing

The most famous among employers expecting results to be accurate, especially when it comes to detecting employees who are likely positive of drugs or substances which can likely affect their performance at work is eScreen.

When most of the regular drug testing procedures appear to be easy to pass using masks and similar scenarios, eScreening can be difficult.

Immunoassay Drug Testing

Using a biochip technology, drug traces are measured in the human body and this is one of the most difficult tests to beat. This can be costly compared to the other machines and equipment used in testing drug misuse among those who are required to undergo a test. Digital imaging is what this type of test does.

Bottom Line

Detection of multiple types of drugs can be a possibility when you have all the right devices in place.

Technology has always been working for good as it aims to sharpen the detection and eventually return a more accurate, more precise, and guaranteed reliable results.

The task of doing the test can be a pain among microbiologists especially when it involves critical scenarios. This is when technology plays a big role in returning only what is realistic and truthful.

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