The Role of Technology in Creating Young Entrepreneurs

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While it used to require students to wrap up a degree in college before they get too adept in running a business, the technology of today has changed that idea. Children, in as young as 10-year-olds, with some parental guidance, can now be entrepreneurs, in their very own creative way. This is one great advantage of technology when it comes to its effect on young business minds.

More often than not, parents engaged in business would provide their children gadgets and high-end electronics so they get themselves busy while the olds make more money.

These young entrepreneurs are those who are still in school yet manage their own businesses with the use of accessible electronics brought about by modern gadgets and advance smartphones which even kids have thought to be an important daily utility. Here are some roles of technology in creating young entrepreneurs:


Considering the business world, technology crossed the borders between clients and business owners.

It bridges people in the form of communication. Young as they are, they transact business according to the language they know.


In most cases, business transactions left unanswered turns out to be unsuccessful. Now that even younger children have access to the internet, communication are always patched and filled out so anything left open are covered.

Status Quo

Customers tend to look into and assess the manner a business is dealt with by the owner.

If they cannot see anything credible with the way business transactions are done, the same business will not succeed. The way the businessman dress up and use gadgets also matters.


The progress of the business depends on the way it is monitored. Young entrepreneurs monitor their profits and expenses according to what they have saved online, from soft copy to printed sheets. They may be unable to do it all alone by themselves, so a parent can be guiding them.


Seeing the increase in income according to their own way of tracking the progress of their business, young entrepreneurs use technology to motivate themselves in doing it seriously as they tend to likely earn more than what they do as of today.

Bottom Line

Smart kids, who happened to acquire the business acumen of their parents, would sort to some money-making business such as online selling. Normally, products involved are tiny trinkets and small stuff that they sell among their social media friends, classmates, and relatives. These are some roles of technology in creating today’s young entrepreneurs. At the end of the day, it is obvious that these are all positively affecting the industry. Electronics aid in running businesses and young people are taking advantage of all these.

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