The Importance of Technology in Yoga

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Rachelle Blamor
Rachelle Blamor
I love writing about technology and how important is it in our life. I am keeping it simple and original . I like eating oat meal while I am writing.

Though yoga may be practiced thousands of years ago, it has evolved over time. The practice is the same but today, there have been a lot of tools that help make practice easier and comfortable to every yoga practitioner.

There are high tech mats, anti grip mats, gloves, yoga gears, apps and other stuff. With today’s technology, there are breakthroughs that will help your yoga practice.

It can determine whether your body is in proper alignment, or if you are not pressing enough in your mat or like when your weight isn’t equally distributed.

Yoga pants with technology

Your yoga teacher cannot be with you all the time while doing the asanas.  Their feedback helps a lot to know if you are doing the right pose.

But exciting and revolutionary clothing called Nadi might just be all you need. 

This is useful to all yogi since haptic vibrations are used to help correct the pose you are in when doing the asana.

The clothing company consulted yoga instructors to help calibrate the suit’s sensor along with the app. Once worn, and when doing the poses the sensor will scan and try to correct your body when doing certain poses.

For instance, when in warrior 1, if your hips is rotated inwards then there will be vibrations that will help move your hips towards the other direction.

The Importance of Technology in Yoga

Smart Mat Technology

Like the smart yoga pants, yoga mats are also embedded with technology these days. It is responsive and gives real-time feedback about your balance and body alignment.

The mat has motion detector where it records your movement and if you distributed your weight equally and then the data is transferred into the app for both iOS and android devices.

The mat calibrates according to the person’s weight, limb length and height.  It has about 21,000 sensors and the information gathered is sent via Bluetooth to the app in your mobile device.

It has 3 modes which is the in-private mode which doubles are your audio-video instructor; in-class assist and zen mode. The mat can also can be rolled up like the standard yoga mats and can hold up to 6 hours. 

The mat can also stand up to 110F, which is not ideal to be used in Bikram classes because temperature is higher.

Over the years, there are different yoga apps that you can choose from which can help customize your practice whether you are a beginner or in advance classes.

These apps are either for free or comes with a certain price which is surely affordable. It also has different yoga styles depending on which one you want to try.

Yoga community is becoming bigger and bigger and without a doubt it is one of the best examples of globalization. It connects people in different places by practicing what they love.

 Moreover, updates, different yoga tips, journals and yoga hacks are available for everyone to practice safe postures and find ease in certain asana that may be difficult for other people.

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