The Importance of Technology in Optometry

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Rachelle Blamor
Rachelle Blamor
I love writing about technology and how important is it in our life. I am keeping it simple and original . I like eating oat meal while I am writing.

When you hear the name “optometrist”, the first thing that would most likely pop to your mind are blurred vision and eyeglasses to fix it. You are not far from the actual definition.

Optometry is a profession in the healthcare department that takes care of the eyes, specifically for vision, vision information processing and visual systems on people. Other optometrists are trained to treat more complicated eye problems.

Optometrists help you improve your vision, be it through adding lenses or simply treating your visual problems. Of course, all of it is treated and done through accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

Although we rely much on optometrists and specialists to fix our visions problems, they would also rely on research and much of technology to help you.

Yes, technology, the equipment you see on optometrists’ clinics are built on mechanisms that technology has come to work with.


Diagnosing an eye problem is not as easy as having a blurred vision and then concluding you need eyeglasses. For all you know, your eyes might just lack rest or you lack sleep, hence the blurry vision.

There are many different eye problems that range from the need to wear correctional glasses to as much as the need for surgery as treatment.

The most common are the visual problems that are also categorized into different umbrellas of diagnosis and treatment. Regardless, optometrists rely on technology to make the accurate diagnosis which will also constitute of the accurate treatment needed.

The most commonly used equipments that can easily be distinguished by many in optometric clinics are the trial glasses. These are glasses wherein the lens are interchangeable and the specialist help you look for the lens that you are most comfortable with.

Specialists also use the Wavefront Analyzer tool to further isolate the eye problem and determine the lens you need.

The Importance of Technology in Optometry


Technology plays a big role in treating eye problems. There are simple specialists’ equipment such as the lens cutter that can fit the lens into chosen eyeglasses frame. There’s also the other direct treatments that can are given to the patient.

Eye glasses and contact lenses are the most common treatment methods for common eye and visual problems.

These treatments go through specific and intricate processes done by specialists to ensure that the accurate grade of lens is given to patients.

There are treatment equipments used in identifying and fixing damaged eye nerves that are causing different types of symptoms – the most common of which are blurred vision, headache and color blindness.

Other forms of treatment such as laser technology and dry eye treatments also rely much on technology to help people bring back their normal vision.

Blurred visions and eye problems are a thing of the past. With optometry and technology, people with visual problems get to keep the most prized of our 5 senses, our vision.

Bottom Line

Every now and then, a new advancement is added to the study of optometry that improves the diagnosis, treatment and even prevention. We have the great minds behind the works and technology to thank for that.

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