Role Of Technology In The Evolution Of Watches And Time-Telling

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With how fast-paced our lives are nowadays, it is undeniably important that we keep track of time, so we can properly manage our daily activities. The importance of time telling first stuck humans thousands of years ago when they relied on nothing but shadows and the sun. This was truly effective, but deemed useless during cloudy days, night time, and when the seasons changed. This led to different clock innovations such as the hourglass and devices powered by water and mercury. Not until the 14th century did mechanical clocks surface. Various developments were discovered since then. It took a great deal of time before people were able to develop anything close to digital clocks.

The Humble Wristwatch

The most common of all timepieces is the wristwatch. Wristwatches are only originally worn by women. They weren’t taken seriously and were only considered a fad. Wristwatches were only given credit due to them until World War I, when they discovered that they could use them for military purposes, such as syncing naval attacks and firing weapons.

Fast forward to the 21st century, we have now mastered the art of creating timekeeping devices now, with the advent of mobile technology; some even believe they don’t need “old school” watches. Not because they don’t need to tell the time, but because they don’t need it as a separate gadget. Mobile phones can tell time just fine, plus no one goes anywhere without their mobile phone at hand. But for watch enthusiasts, watches will never go out of date. There are too many watch varieties that one could choose from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Technologies of the Modern Watch

Aside from time-telling, watches nowadays adapt to their wearer’s lifestyle. Watches do not just tell the time, they go with you underwater, tell your location, check your heart rate, and do you listen to music, read text messages and even answer calls. Technology has truly gone a long way with this specific device.

For instance, a watch called the Astron from the esteemed watchmaker, Seiko has the jet-setter in you in mind when this watch was built. It boasts of a time-controlled via GPS and could recognize about 40 time zones with the use of the satellite.

Meanwhile, the two giants of mobile tech have had their hands on watches as well for releasing the 6th generation iPod Nano and making sure that a watch strap is readily available. You can now have several watch displays and have your favorite iPod function, music. Non-Apple followers need not mope as Android users can also have the Sony Smartwatch.

And for the ultimate function, your watch could ever have, something you probably didn’t imagine would happen in this life is for your watch to also be your phone. Generic Chinese brands have released a couple of these, and have made the dreams of James Bond fans come true.

Bottom Line

Indeed dumbfounding innovations have evolved the humble wristwatch and made it into a super gadget. But thanks to technology, the wristwatch will always be one of those devices that will forever be kept in time.

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