Role Of Technology In Pyrotechnics

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Every occasion is made extra special by a few minutes of visual extravagance when fireworks set off in the sky. The dazzling colors, the amazing images, and, at times, the synchronicity of these dancing lights to music make the perfect finale to any kind of event.

More commonly known as fireworks, pyrotechnics were said to be born in China during the Sung Dynasty from 960 to 1279, in the form of black powder. Fireworks, interestingly, was first used for entertainment.

After mastery of creating black powder, black powder was realized to be made into rockets. These were used as weapons against invaders from Mongolia. Up until today, China is still considered to be the leader in fireworks production.

Fireworks and Modern Technologies

With technology being a catalyst for all modern advancements in all different fields, pyrotechnics has allowed itself to follow suit. Nowadays, fireworks are no longer confined to random sparks and streaks of lights across the sky. How high they go, the colors they emit, the timing when it explodes, can now be controlled using computer software.

Today is no longer a time wherein software programs are only used for the office to do clerical jobs. Different software now does all sorts of jobs.

Unlike before, wherein fireworks are manually lit, some of the biggest shows now require what is called the e-match, or electronic match. This allows the safe ignition of the fireworks, shying away from explosion-related accidents. In truth, computerized firing systems have been around for some time now.

Fireworks Simulation and Choreography

Now planning your own fireworks show is no longer a daunting task because several companies such as Finale Fireworks will be in charge of everything for you. They are equipped with all the know-how of pyrotechnics. They’d even go as far as showing you a simulation of your preferred show. Incorporating music with the event, the client could then choose from thousands of probable firework shell effects that could help the client visualize what the supposed output of the show is.

Both low- and high-level altitude explosions can be controlled via software. For a low level, instant ignition is possible. However, for high-level explosions meant to sync with specific music timing, the fireworks are choreographed via ShowSim.

This enables viewing of the exact even in a sim-based environment. The choreography of pyro techniques however requires a great deal of talent and vision. Therefore, not everyone can pull off a pyrotechnic choreography. These technologies, however, are only preferred by those big events as they are pretty costly to execute. Small town celebrations with firework displays can be executed without these fancies. Just a good old, straight, no-nonsense fireworks show will do the trick.

Bottom Line

Although music and sparks of fireworks are crucial to the execution of the pyrotechnics’ setting off, the ability to channel emotions through the thorough planning of music and light integration makes each show relatable. Indeed, technology has, undeniably, touched the world of pyrotechnics and had it propped up for greatness. With different techniques and new advancements spearheaded by the use of different technologies, pyrotechnics now becomes both art and entertainment.

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