Role of Information Technology in Protecting Human Health

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Protecting human health has always been an issue, as the geographical changes, pollution, personal stress; natural calamities are raising new problems for health. The U.V. rays, frequent change in the climate of the places, etc are making problems in living a healthy life in this situation Information Technology; the fastest growing technology is playing a vital role to protect the human health.

Information technology has developed software that has is helping doctors to take better care of the health of the individual. The invention of telemedicine is one such invention that has made excellent use of information technology to provide medical service from one location to another.

Lots of techniques and tools have been designed to be used under Information technology for better analyzing and understanding of data to protest human health.

The benefit of Information Technology

Information technology has changed the health care system from the way it was before. It has made the protection of human health in an advanced manner by providing the computer and internet to make computerized records of the patients, a computer-based decision support tool for taking an important decision, hospital information system, telemedicine, etc has opened the way to protect the human health in less time and at low cost.

The invention of online health care is amongst the major contribution to information technology in protecting human health. By this online health care, patients can be taken care of not only by general physicians but the super-specialist doctors irrespective of the location. Information technology has given the gift of a database. With it, data on various topics can be kept on the computer and retrieved on need. Now it is possible to maintain more accurate data regarding the death rate, birth rate, of the programs on immunization and sanitation, about the disease like malaria, etc.

Health Information Technology

Information technology for protecting human health has been a new dimension in the name of Health information technology (HIT). It is such an information technology that includes the application of both computer software and hardware dealing with the retrieval, storage, sharing, and use of health care data, information, and knowledge for decision making and communication.

It is considered as one of the most promising tools for the protection of human health as it will not only help to get increase health care efficiency and productivity but will help to detection of outbreak infectious disease across the country, will help in tracking the precautionary measures to prevent the spreading of the disease.

Bottom Line

It is also helpful in preventing medical errors leading to more health care accuracy, reduces the cost of health care, offers real-time communication with the health care professional on health information. Technology represents not only computers but also communications that will help to build a network for moving health information.

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