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Identity management technology uses automated and self-service procedures for onboarding of user identity, every change that it undergoes throughout its lifecycle, right up to the termination of the identity. A whole array of technologies used by Identity Management and as is the case with any specialized field, identity management also has its own vocabulary and technical jargon.

One of the techniques of management of identity involves identifying the user through the veins in her palm as well; this Palm Vein authentication technology does mapping and storing of the pattern of veins in the user’s palm as well we whole hands.

Technology plays a crucial role in enabling the management of a user’s identity through the identification of palm vein patterns that are unique for every user. The entire process of how it works and how technology plays a vital role in making this happen is described below in brief.

How does Palm Vein Technology work?

The user puts her wrist or the middle portion of her fingers on a sensor in such a way that her palm comes a few inches above the scanner of the device. The device throws an infrared ray on the palm which illuminates the deoxygenated hemoglobin of blood in the veins, thus making the veins become visible to the scanner to be able to store an image of the same.

The capillaries and arteries that contain oxygenated hemoglobin do not become visible to the scanner’s sensor. The image taken by the camera subsequently in the near-infrared range shows the palm vein pattern as a black network against the lighter background of the palm.

Technology then uses algorithms to convert this image into data points that are compressed and stored by the software post-encryption along with other details of the user. Then later every time when the user tries to gain access to a secure vault at a bank, or any other secured entry point using her palm, the image of her palm is captured again and compared to the already stored image.

All this happens within seconds actually! Such is the power of technology. The denial or grant of access results by a software program comparing the two images for the number of veins and their position as well as points at which they cross each other.

Advantages of Palm Vein Technology

Technology has also enabled the creation of a contactless device for authenticating users through their palm veins and this helps in the cases where ultra-high requirements for hygiene are needed while allowing users access to the device.

This could be true for the hospital’s intensive care units where the patient might need to be kept away from any influence of external bacteria or viruses while the patient is being treated.

Bottom Line

The technology for palm vein identification thus becomes very useful and safe to use and since the palm vein patterns are internal to a body, they carry loads of information that becomes very difficult to imitate. The importance of technology is thus shown amply here as it helps create a highly secure and digitized way of being able to verify the identity of individuals.

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