Importance of Near Infrared Vein Finder Technology

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Unassisted intravenous cannulations can be quite a challenge to most healthcare providers, who rely on eyesight alone. Several cannulation attempts are often performed before a patent one is discovered. Thankfully, new technology has been developed to improve vein visibility and to be able to look for more possible cannulation sites.


Is a handheld vein illuminator that aids in locating a venipuncture site. This is ideal for surgeries, blood centers, Emergency Medical Services, and even home healthcare. This device can also come in handy in hospitals, especially in the Emergency Room and in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where speed and accuracy of cannulation are important.

The infrared that is projected is absorbed by the blood and the surrounding tissue reflects it. That information is then captured and projected on the skin surface in real-time.

It allows you to see blood patterns, which can prevent complications associated with incorrect punctures.

Accu Vein

Accu Vein is another handheld device that digitally displays the vasculature on the skin surface in real-time. This allows healthcare providers to ensure patency of the vein. Since both hands are needed for accurate cannulation, Accu Vein has hands-free stands that can be placed over the patient’s body. The device can also be held in any direction and can be held at a distance from the skin.


The VascuLuminator also uses infrared light to display blood vessels onscreen. It has a stand and a very smart sensor that detects light, reflected by the blood under the skin. Both the vein and the needle can be seen when it is viewed on the screen.

All the patient needs to do is to hold the LED light on the palm, so that the camera can register the light shining from the skin.

VueTeks’s Veinsite

The Veinsite allows healthcare providers to view hard-to-see veins, bifurcations, and hematomas. This ranges from different patients, the elderly, neonates and, dark-skinned, obese, and those with poor cannulation sites. It is portable and hands-free, which provides the highest image quality, compared to projection-based devices.

It can visualize more veins and can zoom on a vein 2x bigger. This technology lowers IV cannulation attempts and also allows more optimal sites for vascular access. It prevents delays in treatment and increases the efficiency of the health care team.

The Veinsite can also penetrate through isolettes in NICU. It is also useful in viewing the anatomy at any angle. The batteries can be easily changed or recharged.

Bottom Line

These new vein cannulation devices will hopefully make treatments prompt and effective. This technology will possibly reduce the anxiety experienced by patients every time I.V. cannulation is to be performed. I.V. cannulation will now lead to fewer attempts and complications too.

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