Importance of Technology in Maintaining Privacy

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Personal privacy is still important regardless of the availability of vital information shared by the public on social networking websites which are now connecting the lives of every human being, far and near alike. The relationship of the online public has widely opened up a gateway of anything related to the lives of every person who happens to at least have one online engagement.

This is when technology tends to play a very important role in gauging the private lives of the same towards themselves and segregating everything that’s supposed to be privately kept from the vicious eyes of anybody interested.

Claims have it that technology has greatly become a threat to privacy but on the other hand, technology can as well maintain privacy while at the same time, optimal fun and networking entertainment is maximized. Here are some important technology has in maintaining privacy:


The smart idea of a software developers who created encryption in order to protect fragile information only in the eyes of those who are expected to see the same is so far the most important thing on the internet. With that, there are different levels of encryption.


Information technology experts learned how to set compartments of internal files and date kept only on PCs and units within one group or corporation.

The way this information is contained in a processed form of distribution just within the internal network is simply amazing.

Username and Password Protection

There are times that security is breached and data vital to some companies are copied from computers unlocked. Username and password protection is the most widely used method of keeping information private and secure.


In terms of images and videos posted online and shared with the virtual public, watermarks are the process of leaving footprints to the extent that anybody attempting to trace or copy these will likely be captured once noticed or observed by the authentic owner.

Electronic Agreement of Confidentiality

When you think it is difficult to keep files online confidential, you might want to think twice the moment you know that there is after all an electronic agreement of confidentiality which when clicked by the user, becomes a binding contract.

Bottom Line

Technology is basically neutral just as it is being looked up at differently. The accessibility of information in whichever way essential can be set to be only limited to the point of something that is just being shared, contrary to the investigative digging of data.

This is how important technology is in maintaining privacy among users regardless if they are doing business via the internet. In today’s world of technology where everything is almost shared right after it happened or while it is happening, privacy is true of high importance.

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