Importance Of Technology In E-learning

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Rachelle Blamor
Rachelle Blamor
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Technology has played a huge role in improving the quality of learning all over the world. Before the inception of e-learning, students had to attend lessons in person.

Learning involved face-to-face sessions with teachers. A typical classroom lesson would entail taking notes, answering questions in the form of essays and reading books or printed handouts. In other words, education and learning was impossible without a teacher, printed learning aids, and chalkboards.

Much has changed, though over the years, and todays’ learning methods have taken a whole new meaning.

Computers are the very core of electronic or e learning.

Gone are the days when learning could only take place in a real classroom. Today, teachers are using video-recorded lessons to teach students.

These video tutorials are then stored on CDs and DVDs. Web based lessons are also available for those wishing to take distance learning. With the numerous learning resources on the internet, people can learn about anything that interests them.

It is quite clear that the possibilities for e-learning are simply numerous. However, what impact does this mode of learning have an education? Read on to learn more.

Importance Of Technology In E-learning

What Impact has Technology had an E-learning?

Computer technology plays a huge role in education on many levels. Unlike ordinary classes, students taking lessons though recorded lessons can learn at their own pace.

Lessons can be reviewed as many times as necessary in order to grasp difficult concepts. This of course can improve academic performance for students.

If there is one positive impact, though that technology has had on learning, it has to be the level of interaction that students now can enjoy.

Students no longer have to learn passively or use their imagination. Through videos, learning becomes more reactive and interactive. This is useful for practical subjects, where things have to be seen.

Hence, computer technology plays an instrumental role in helping students to understand and retain concepts better.

Some schools are limited in terms of facilities and learning materials. Such learning institutions can help students get infinite learning resources by simply making the internet accessible.

The internet provides information on just about any discipline. In fact, students can learn more than what is printed in curriculum books. Therefore, computer technology along with internet resources helps to remove education roadblocks.

What Schools Have to Gain by Investing in Technology

E-learning revolves around improving the learning experience and student performance. When utilized properly, technology can help to make these goals a reality.

Aside from improving the quality of education and academic performance amongst students, schools that invest in technology also lower training costs. Through video lessons, fewer teachers may be required.

Moreover, advanced technology tools encourage students to do research. Over and above all, technology helps learning institutions to improve candidate performance.

Bottom Line

With all of these benefits, it makes sense for schools to invest in technology. This helps to enhance the learning experience for students, improve academic performance, and reduce training costs for schools.

As this becomes more and more evident, e-learning seems to be the learning mode of tomorrow.

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