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The E-ball concept is one of the newest and popular design concepts of pc. The E – ball concept is actually a computer with the shape of a sphere. It is the smallest design available among all desktops and laptops. E-Ball sphere has just a 6-inch diameter and a 120×120 mm motherboard. Even though E-ball is small, this technology has all the features of a conventional computer. It contains all the elements of a normal computer such as a mouse, keyboards, DVD recorder, and large screen display, etc. all in an innovative manner.

User-friendly design of E-Ball:

E-Ball is designed in a way that it can be fixed on two stands. E-Ball possesses two buttons on each side and the users can simply open it by pressing and holding them simultaneously.

Once you open the stand and turn the E-Ball on, you can detach the optical mouse from the body of the E – ball by simply pressing the detaching button of the mouse. This technology has a particular button that allows its laser keyboard to get activated.

Features of E-Ball:

Another special feature of E-Ball technology is that it does not possess any external display unit. Instead, a projector will pop up and focus the PC screen on the wall, if you press a button on the E – Ball. You can adjust the screen with navigation keys. Suppose, there is no wall in the place where you use E-Ball, you can use a paper sheet provided with the PC as the screen. When you pop out the projector, the paper sheet holder will be divided into three pieces like an umbrella and you can see the desktop on this sheet.

You can even watch movies or any other thing on the paper sheet that is held by the paper holder of the E-Ball PC. Such PC with 160 mm diameter is designed especially for Microsoft Windows OS. At present, we cannot say its exact price and cannot predict when it will be available in the market.

What makes E-Ball special and preferable?

The drawbacks of ordinary computers such as large size and ugly shape may be the factors that force Apostol Tnkovski, the designer of E-Ball PC, to make the smallest PC in the world. It has all the components that a conventional PC has.

Its main features include a dual-core processor, sound card and integrated graphic card, HD_DVD recorder, laser keyboard, optical wireless mouse, modem, integrated LCD projector, webcam, speakers, and RAM of 2 GB, etc. According to the opinion of Tnkovski, the sphere is the best shape of the E-Ball PC as it can draw the attention of people soon.

As this technology is so small, you can easily carry it around by packing it into a ball. Moreover, it possesses a holographic display and optical keyboard so that you need not find space for a physical monitor and keyboard. But, one main drawback of the E-Ball PC is that its virtual keyboard works only on a smooth surface.

Bottom Line

As the years pass, the technology becomes more advanced and as a result, the size of the computer is becoming smaller. It is sure that people are waiting excitedly to see the smallest spherical computers. The wide popularity of e-Ball among people emphasize the importance of technology

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