Importance Of Technology For Teachers

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Years before, we had a concept that teaching is just delivering lectures in front of a group of students sitting in a physical classroom. The equipment required for teaching would be a blackboard, chalk, textbook and the students need just white papers, pens, and pencils, etc. But, the advancement of technology brought tremendous developments in the teaching field.

With improved technology, the traditional teaching aids are replaced by modern equipment such as computers, projectors, and other electronic devices. Similarly, the conventional teaching styles change to online learning or multimedia teaching.

Responsibilities of teachers in teaching with modern technologies

It is sure that modern computer-based teaching is more effective, as it offers powerful and interesting as well as new ways of providing knowledge to students. Even though the development in technology makes learning easier, it actually increases the challenge of teachers. The teachers should not only be proficient in their subject, but they should also have adequate knowledge about modern teaching equipment such as computers and the internet.

They need to know how to operate and integrate advanced teaching tools effectively. Therefore, most of the teachers, who are not computer savvy, begin to learn at least the basic functions of computers and other modern electronic equipment.

How educational institutes get benefit from technologies

Nowadays, even kindergartens possess well-equipped computer labs and language labs because computerized learning and teaching start in the primary classes only. These technologies are used strategically to provide better access for learning and concept clearance. Therefore, today all educational institutes maximize the potential of student learning through the execution of computational tools. They make sure that not only students but faculties also should have better access to technologies and knowledge of the tools.

The multimedia approach of education including the use of audio-visual tools and devices for better understanding of concepts has widely been accepted in almost all institutes. This leads to speedy as well as effective learning that might be non-volatile.

Internet; the ideal tool of modern education

In the modern era, the internet has an unavoidable role in the learning process. Everything is possible with the internet nowadays. It actually decreases the need for a teacher up to a limit. But, how it is used is very important. An expert educator can make learning easy, fun, attractive, and pretty exciting with the clever use of the internet. Moreover, the internet help even distances learning as it is beyond the geographical and physical barriers to provide learning.

Here are some of the benefits of advanced technologies in education.

  • You can make the boring topics far interesting by delivering dynamic presentations using MS PowerPoint
  • The advocating videos of lectures available on edutube or teachertube can enhance the interest of students in a particular topic.
  • The use of internet tools such as a virtual world, RSS feed, or classroom and Workgroup tools opens up wide edges of learning.
  • With the help of WiZiQi, teachers and students can teach and learn online trespassing the barriers of time, distance and cost.

Bottom Line

All these above-mentioned educational tools emphasize the importance of technology in education and learning. In short technologies open vast opportunities that could have never been possible previously.

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