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To capsule the timeline of technology, a good picture can be created. Initially, tracing the history of all these smartphones and mobile gadgets, which has all become a part of the daily human’s daily living, it can be observed that all these have started ever since the sun was noted to be able to produce power. Added with the wisdom and creativity of the people, the trendiest of technology today has become possible.

The internet, which is the most responsible for all this instant communication and technological availability, was developed sometime in 1974, and from then on, the ruckus has started and it all has never stopped. It made the world all too busy and time-bound.

Technology accelerated further sometime in the 1980s when innovative and trendy gadgets were made and distributed to the whole world where people had welcomed it warmly it has become their way of life. Here is a general evolution of trendy technology:


Personal digital assistants and beepers were at the peak of its fame around this decade.

The same goes for TCP and IP which are of utmost importance among IT experts. It must have been guessed that 30 to 40 years after, all the evolution will end up as smart technology.


Low-cost computers made of electronic domino wires were then the latest when compared to the PA and beeper times. A group of this can then get anyone an internet center like today. This was when computers with bulky backs evolved.


Internet through dial-up modems was made to better the then-existing bulky computer set. Linux and graphic microprocessors then have improved the giant look of initials monitor. That and the progress continued.


Microsoft and Adobe have started a virtual machine and computer frameworks which have been the ones likely responsible for portable computer networks existing today’s technology.

From here, technology went non-stop.


Smartphones and mobile gadgets existed. Then there go the social media networking websites which made everyone crazy. As you can see lately there goes the crowd inseparable to their gadgets.

Bottom Line

Moving forward the future of technology also appears promising and extremely high end. In fact, you can almost see the impossible happening. And it will also be dominating the life of humans who are normally prone to the greatest and the best when it comes to gadgets and smartphones.

The trend used to be whoever has the biggest, then it becomes whoever has the smallest, then there goes the trend of whoever has the lightest. Pretty soon, there would be zero intelligence where the greatest, the best, and everything nice will be made into something which can’t be seen yet can be installed in the human system.

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