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Role Of Technology In Pet Care

Role Of Technology In Pet Care

People are becoming more serious about taking care of their pets in this generation. Pets are no longer seen just as an accessory but as an important part of the family. Pets are even as expensive as taking care of children since they require special food, regular trips to the doctor, and grooming to maintain not just their looks but how your home would smell like or the hair fall that may cause allergic reactions to the owner.

The emergence of animal rights activists even changes how people deal with the animal in general and the need to protect them have suddenly become urgent. Monitoring animals and their conditions around the clock is quite a normal sight and cruelties towards them are punished and unacceptable. The pet market is an emerging market and the demands for them are steadily rising.

Jobs such as pet groomers, dog walkers, and other jobs related to animal care are now available when long before, pet care is just limited to veterinarians. With the rise of this market, inventors are trying to invent products that will enhance and improve the lives of our pets and make taking care of them less burdensome.

Tech Grooming and Feeding

There are several devices used by pet owners that make taking care of pets easy. The uses of smartphones in pet care have been used in order to lessen the burdens in pet owners who juggle with their work hours and taking care of their pets. Pet owners no longer have to ask their neighbors to feed their dogs or cats while they are away or to hire a babysitter to stay with the dogs.

Feeding dogs or cats on a regular schedule is easy with Pinto Automatic Pet Feeder which is a programmable dispenser that lets you control it using a smartphone. While you are away from work, you can feed your pet at the scheduled time no matter where you are just by the push of a button.

Aside from feeding, cleaning up after your pet’s shedding hair can be a chore but there is a new technology that resolves this while combing the fur of your pet. Dyson groom brush resolves problems in cleaning up animal hairs. While brushing one’s pet, the brush has a vacuum attached to the brush which collects hair fall before they even drop to the ground.

Pet Security Check

Lots of times when a pet would wander outside the house and the owner would anxiously look for them and post pictures of their animals to look for them. With our technology today, this is no longer necessary. Pet trackers are now available to be able to know the whereabouts of your pet and keep them away from harm’s way.

Bottom Line

Also, intrusion through the pet door is something that pet owners do dread which is why electronic pet doors are created. The door automatically locks and entry can only be accessed by means of your pet’s collar which means that only your pet can enter through the pet door.

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