Importance of Travel Technology Companies in Airline Ticketing and Reservation

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In the age of computers, airline ticketing and reservation have improved in a myriad of ways. It has made transactions better, faster, and more convenient for all passengers. It has also been used for flight inventories, fight schedule maintenance, seat assignments, and aircraft loading.

Below are the pioneers on airline ticketing and reservation computer systems that have been the basis for some of the computer systems used today and find out how they benefit the travel industry.


Travicom was a travel technology company that was based in the United Kingdom. They were the first multi-access reservation system that was able to form a network and distribute to about 49 subscribing international airline companies. It included British Airways, Pan American World Airways, Singapore Airways, Air France, and more. Their system allowed most of the IATA agencies to use and access their system.

The system also permitted travel agents to use the same entry formats used for all connected airline systems.


Videcom is another travel technology company based in Henly-on-Thames. It innovates modern reservation systems to airlines and different travel industries. They are connected to Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Abacus, and Worldspan, which are the systems used by agents to make airline bookings.

It is also connected to the systems of other airlines for interline bookings.

Its Airline Reservation System is in a user-friendly format that is easy to understand. It also provides a modern and flexible reservation system that can be generated by the staff of any airline and by travel agents as well, using a GDS system or other airlines that share a Multilateral Interline Traffic agreement.

Benefits of Travel Technology Companies

  • It gives ideas for expansion, flexibility, and collaboration of travel businesses because it has made the availability of suppliers located around the world, now within reach.
  • The travel business has made possible the application if different forms of online booking to travel agencies, hotels, airlines, car rental companies, and other services needed by travelers.
  • It has helped improve the processing of information and getting it transferred across the web of their connections 24/7. It also makes data available anytime and anywhere making it more convenient.

It increases profits by successfully promoting and offering services that help to fulfill the demands, desires, and needs of customers.

Through better communication, customers are notified of flight changes, delay notices, special deals, and advertising on other locations. Communication can be in the form of e-mails, text messaging, and GPS tagging. This keeps customers advised of changes and other flight notifications at all times.

Bottom Line

Technology has gone to great lengths to overcome barriers in the travel business. These companies and the things they have done have revolutionized the entire travel industry to create an experience that traveling customers will never forget.

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