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Importance Of Technology In Society

Importance Of Technology In Society

Technology is growing with rapid speed and it causes several new advancements in all fields of our society. That is why a large number of extensive programs of technological research are done by several researchers working within all profit and non-profit organizations in the society such as universities and business organizations etc. The technological developments being made today are very strong and they make significant impacts on the business environment. The influence of modern technology in our society is huge and it can be categorized into how it affects our society as well as the business activities and operations.

Impact of technologies on society

The impact of technology on society will affect all aspects of our life including the economy, culture, and living standards. But the important thing we have to remember that technological development is a double-edged sword with some being beneficial and the other being detrimental.

Therefore, we should know how the developments badly affect society and how it can be avoided.

The positive impact of technologies

The impact of technology in our daily life is not negligible. Nowadays, we all live in a highly developed world with all facilities such as telephone, transport, water, and electricity. Most of the time we take the advantage of technologies, but we don’t actually notice the level of impact that it has on our life.

We realize its value only when we lose the accessibilities to these technologies. For example, we know how electricity is important to our daily life only when we have to spend a few times in the dark.

Technological developments increase our living standards. Generally, people are feeding better, dressing better, and are living more comfortably. It has also a great influence on all fundamental aspects of our cultures including language, art, mobility, health care, education, and religion. For example, with the use of video conferencing, the doctors can treat their patients, even though they are far away from the patients. And it also helps the judges hear the cases of hardcore criminals, who are not allowed to get into the courtrooms due to security reasons.

The negative impact of technologies

All the above-mentioned advantages of technological developments do not mean that they are free from any negative influences. Just like a coin has two sides, technologies also affect society positively and negatively. First of all the technical developments result in creative destruction. For example, television consumes all the productive hours of people and so their tastes in reading and literature are decreased gradually.

Today’s children do not even show interest to read newspapers, but they spend most of their leisure time in front of the internet. Many innovations such as bombs, nuclear weapons, and missiles are creating threats to the life of people. As a result of technological advancement, we experience high inflation rates and unemployment.

Bottom Line

Even though we cannot neglect the negative impacts of technologies on our society, we are forced to accept the technological developments as the benefits it offers are many. It helps us in all ways to save our energy, time, and money. So, it is the duty of people to use the technologies for a better life in society. The importance of technology in society cannot be ignored in anyway.

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